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Bucky and Steve Rogers Totally Used Skype to Keep In Touch

If you’ve not yet seen Avengers: Infinity War, we recommend closing out of this article. Light spoilers follow.

Avengers: Infinity War is still making headlines in the pop culture realm a month after it’s big theater debut. It broke box office records at the same time that it broke hearts around the world but we kept going back for more.

Since the film’s debut, we’ve heard interviews from the cast and crew on what was going on behind the scenes. Some details in those interviews have given us a new look at some of what unfolded in front of us on screen. One of those scenes was one of our favorites: the Bucky and Steve Rogers reunion.

So when we saw that moment from the trailer play out on screen, well, it made our hearts melt. While the reunion was one of the highlights of the film, it was short lived. The reason behind that, like every other scene in the movie, had some strategy behind it. Collider revealed this statement from Stephen McFeely in an interview recently.

‘In the two years that Natasha, Sam, and Steve were insurgents, they probably had cause to go back to Wakanda, hideout, move on from there, etc. So yeah, I think once Bucky got — that Shuri, more or less, was successful in sort of repairing his mind, there was a big ‘oh my god, I got that guy back’ moment.’

Christopher Markus added in that the two used technology to keep in touch when Steve wasn’t hiding out in Wakanda.

‘I mean, at the very least, Cap was aware of his progress. You know, maybe they Skyped.’

This plays on an earlier interview where the Russo brothers mentioned that the scene where we see Steve and Bucky on screen together was most definitely not the first time they’d seen each other since Shuri saved Bucky.

‘I think we make these choices based on the story real estate that we have. An appropriate amount of time had passed for Bucky to be healed since Civil War. Shuri, as we know, is a genius, perhaps the smartest person in the world, and she found a way to repair Bucky when nobody else could for many years. I think for us, clearly, Steve had been on the run since Civil War has been keeping in close contact with Shuri and T’Challa. Obviously he’s been hiding somewhere; I think he’s made his way through Wakanda a couple of times, and that’s how we directed that scene. it was not the first time that they were seeing each other since he woke up.’

We know that Infinity War was about much more than Bucky and Steve’s relationship but it was still a critical detail. We’d be happy to see that first reunion in some deleted scenes when the DVD is released if anyone is asking us.

You can see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters, now.