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‘Bosch’: Investigating episode 4.09 ‘Rojo Profundo’

Harry discovers key information in the Howard Elias murder in Bosch episode 4.09. The task force is closing in on the killer.

The task force investigating Howard Elias’ murder has taken a hit when one of its own, Gabriella Lincoln, confesses to her involvement in sharing police secrets with the Police Commission President Bradley Walker. They fall short, however, with finding evidence to charge Walker.

Harry meets face to face with the Chinese national suspected in the murder of Eleanor. Maddie struggles to find her purpose in the aftermath of her mother’s death.

Meanwhile, Lt. Billets does her best to manage the requests of the Justice Now protesters. Chief Irving holds his own in the face of betrayal.

Finally, Millie Elias now finds more trust in Harry Bosch than the crime lab.

Let’s take a closer look at Bosch episode 4.09 ‘Rojo Profundo’

How is Maddie doing?

Maddie sits by Harry’s side as he awakens from a dream about being with his mom on Angels Flight as a child. Maddie notes that Harry also said Eleanor’s name as he was dreaming. Harry seems to be working overtime both mentally and physically and tells Maddie he needs coffee.

The father daughter duo talks about the resting place for Harry’s mother. Maddie learns that Harry was not even allowed to attend her burial because the boys’ home would not let him out to attend. Maddie feels sad about her grandmother having an unmarked grave. Harry reminds her that what’s more important is family knowing where their loved one is.

Maddie shares that she wishes she could help somehow in the effort to solve her mother’s murder. Harry gives Maddie the acceptance letter to Chapman University that Grace pulled out of the trash.

Maddie and Harry both get a scare later that day when Shiwei Chen makes mention of Maddie to Harry. Harry takes this as a threat and calls Maddie and tells her to pack a bag. Just as Harry arrives at the house to pick up Maddie, Harry confronts the now obvious tail on his bumper. It turns out to be Chuck Deng, Eleanor’s former FBI handler. Chuck tells Harry they have been keeping both he and Maddie under surveillance and that it is safer for her to stay at home.

Lacking evidence

The task force focuses on Gabriella Lincoln and the information she has to share with District Attorney Richard O’Shea. Meanwhile, it is time to let Frankie Sheehan go. The dilemma is how to get him out of the station undetected. He is a target of those who still believe he is guilty despite the evidence suggesting otherwise. Robertson concocts a plan to take him out a back entrance and send him away with Rooker.

Richard O’Shea arrives to hear Gabriella Lincoln’s statement about her involvement with Howard’s murder. She firmly claims that she did not kill Elias. She did, however, give case information to Bradley Walker on multiple occasions. She states that Walker would then share the information with Elias. Elias would then reciprocate by sharing a portion of the settlement money in those cases. Walker would in turn give part of the proceeds to Lincoln for delivering the information.

Of course, this time Howard decided not to settle. Lincoln corroborates Pamela Duncan’s sentiment that Howard finally grew a conscience about the matter at hand after seeing the hidden camera footage of the Black Guardian incident that Gabriella gave to Walker.

O’Shea and Bosch assume that Lincoln is suggesting that Walker hired someone to kill Howard once he decided not to settle. They are shocked when Lincoln states that Walker killed Elias himself and told her so.

When asked about the whereabouts of the real slug recovered from Howard’s body, Lincoln tells them she threw it in a gutter. O’Shea is exasperated because Lincoln has not given them any real evidence to charge Walker. It is simply her word against his.

Trying to make a case

Bosch must tell Billets that he is an alibi for Walker being at the fundraiser the night of Elias’ murder. They need to keep searching for evidence showing that Walker could have left the fundraiser and returned undetected.

Lincoln’s version of the events does hold up on a Polygram. The team continues the search for the microchip storing the video of the Black Guardian incident. Pierce has searched Elias’ office but now needs to look in his apartment. Edgar agrees to help.

Snyder goes through Lincoln’s purse bagging the contents. She has managed to pull deposits that coincide with settlements in the cases Gabriella compromised.

Robertson manages to get confirmation from Sheehan about the contents of the tape. Jimmy pretends that they have possession of the tape and tells Frankie he knows that Terry Drake participated in the torture. Frankie concurs but says he will not rat on Drake.

Millie Elias brings personal belongings that the Medical Examiner’s Office says they found on Elias’ body. She does not trust the crime lab after Sheehan’s arrest was overturned. She claims that these items could not be Howard’s anyway because one item is a wedding ring and Howard never wore a wedding ring or any jewelry. Something does not add up. Bosch asks her about the camera card containing the video. She claims it would not be at the house, but she will look anyway. She says Howard would keep something like that in very close proximity.

Harry uncovers intel from Phil Gentry whose employer is the bank that gave Walker a fifty-million-dollar construction loan. He explains that Walker would miss payments but somehow come up with cash in the end. The task force believes Elias was the one behind the cash.

Speaking of construction, Detective Bennett calls to inform Harry that the River Watch arson suspect was picked up by ICE while working. They picked up him while working on The Walker Grand construction.

A tunnel to the truth

Harry returns to the Biltmore hotel where Walker’s fundraiser was held the week before on the same night as Elias’ murder at Angels Flight. The hotel is only blocks away from Angels Flight. How could Walker commit the crime leaving and returning to the fundraiser undetected.

Harry is ready to investigate the hotel layout. He enters the ballroom with evidence envelopes in tow. He looks around the ballroom and sees a hotel employee walk behind a curtain in the ballroom. Bosch follows and finds an entrance to the kitchen. He asks a kitchen staffer if there is an exit from the kitchen. The gentleman says there is an old exit through the tunnels, but it is no longer used. He shows Bosch the exit and tells him that it is a one way exit and he will not be able to come back through the door. Bosch tells him he will not need to return.

Bosch finds a napkin wadded up on the ground that appears to fit right into the door lock which would keep the door from locking. The hotel staffer points out that the napkin is from the recent fundraiser. The staffer closes the door behind Bosch.

The next six minutes are dialogue free but completely engaging. We watch Bosch navigate his way through the tunnel via multiple turns, doorways and passageways. It is dark and haunting. Bosch finds a broken phone on the ground and puts it in an evidence envelope. Finally, Bosch reaches a door that opens to outside just yards away from Angels Flight.

Harry calls J. Edgar who is in Elias’ Bunker Hill apartment looking for the camera card. J. Edgar can see Harry at Angels Flight from the apartment window. Harry tells Jerry, “I know how he did it.”

Also of note:

  • Chief Irving learns from Bosch that the arson suspect in the retirement community fire was picked up by ICE before RHD could interrogate the suspect. Irving had asked Bradley Walker for cooperation in facilitating the suspect’s apprehension by RHD since the suspect was working at his construction site.
  • Irving receives more news, this time from Mayor Ramos who says he will be participating in Sunday’s protest. There is a growing wedge between the two officials.
  • Lt. Billets and her officers try to negotiate the protest space with the organizers. They are hesitant to bring the protest too close to the station due to the recent car bomb. They agree on a block that is closer to the station but not right next to it. Billets also learn from the protest planners that Desiree Zealy is no longer a part of the event.
  • Det. Moy identifies Eddie Vang as the long-haired man that escaped the karaoke club. They suspect he is Eleanor’s shooter and hired by Shiwei Chen.
  • J. Edgar tells Harry that Maxine finished checking the call logs associated with the phone number they believe to be Griffin’s. After Eleanor sent the poker game video to that number, it was then forwarded on to an unknown number in China. Harry believes this is what put Eleanor in danger and that Griffin is the one responsible.
  • Robertson and Snyder bond over their shared betrayal by a partner. They share drinks at Robertson’s regular bar and Robertson tells Snyder he would like to bring her on as detective if he gets the D3 spot open at Newton.

Harry is closing in on Walker. The tunnel access is a pivotal reveal, but he still must tie Walker to the crime with solid evidence.

When Harry picks up the scent on a suspect, he does not let go. With only one episode to go in Bosch season 4, we can only hope that Harry has the right guy and finds the evidence to bring him to justice.

Join me for our investigation of the final episode 4.10 coming soon! Also, be sure check out the Everybody Counts Podcast for cast interviews and discussions on each episode of Bosch season 4.