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‘Bosch’: Investigating episode 4.06 ‘The Wine of Youth’

Published on May 18th, 2018 | Updated on April 22nd, 2019 | By FanFest

There are a lot of moving parts in Bosch episode 4.06 ‘The Wine of Youth’.

Harry and Maddie continue their grief journey. Maddie retrieves Eleanor’s safe deposit box to begin making arrangements for her remains. Bosch digs further into Eleanor’s murder with the help of J. Edgar.

A suspect is apprehended in the Elias case. Ballistics returns a match, but there is still an air of doubt in the air.

The KTK resurfaces for one more robbery before his demise.

Maddie moving forward

Maddie begins processing her mother’s murder when she is ready. She goes through Eleanor’s safe deposit box and is clearly moved by several items she finds there. A photo of a younger Harry in fatigues, a lock of Maddie’s hair, and a baby tooth are all carefully stored within the box.

Of course, Maddie would not have been able to access the box without completing the recent bank paperwork at Eleanor’s behest.

Maddie also finds an advertisement for a Borrego Springs drive-in. She asks Harry about it and he shares a very sweet story about the three of them visiting Borrego Springs before he left for Afghanistan. Maddie realizes that was “the last time they were together as a family”.

Soup for lunch?

Harry and J. Edgar visit the Golden Soup restaurant in San Gabriel, the last place Eleanor played poker. They are met with resistance from the FBI who is there actively investigating some Chinese nationals. Harry backs off and tells Jerry that his priority is finding the actual murderers, not taking down the organized crime group.

"Bosch: Season 4" - Bosch_Jamie Hector and Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch.
“Bosch: Season 4” – Bosch_Jamie Hector and Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch.

Harry and Jerry have a brief conversation about the status of their partnership and their ability to keep working together. Harry says he will not apologize for the Gunn situation. J. Edgar says he just wants to know about going forward. Harry gives an open-ended response, but it seems to be enough for Jerry right now.

(I must interject that I think their actions speak louder than words anyway. They are clearly working towards a common goal. I know I am feeling better about them.)

Jerry digs deeper into Eleanor’s cell phone records and tracks down the card dealer that coordinated Eleanor’s last game.

KTK steals one last phone

The KTK is back on the scene. He slams his bike into a restaurant patron’s table and grabs for her phone. He quickly rides away on his bike.

Meanwhile, Crate and Barrel have been treated to breakfast by interim Captain Billets. They have been bearing the load of Hollywood Division’s homicide cases while other detectives are working on the Elias task force.

During a detailed discussion of breakfast food, a call comes in about a nearby hit and run. Despite Crate’s objections, Billets responds to the call. Billets talks to the officer at the scene and begins investigating. While unbeknownst to Billets, we see that the victim is none other than the Korea Town Killer. Grace spots a gun under the car and calls Crate over.

Sheehan makes a “clean” break

Frankie Sheehan wakes up in his car, grabs his bag of possessions, and dumps the last bit of liquor from the bottle. He enters the Lava Mae facility to clean up. He takes the money Drake dropped from the laptop bag. Frankie tosses most everything he was carrying and gets a ride from a young neighbor who assumes Frankie is working undercover.

The young man drops Frankie off a couple of doors down from his estranged wife’s house. The house is under surveillance by SIS detectives. A detective named Bullard alerts Bosch that Sheehan may be at his house.

Bosch calls Robertson and says he will meet them there. Bosch tells Jimmy that he does not want SIS to move closer without confirmation. Robertson calls Bullard and tells him to “tighten up your secondary”. This obviously contradicts Bosch’s orders and Pierce takes notice.

Frankie tries to say goodbye

Frankie sneaks into his house and goes to the garage. He puts the police light on his son’s bike and retrieves his second gun. Frankie goes upstairs and talks to estranged wife Margaret. He tells Margaret he wants to say goodbye to her and son Liam. Margaret says he left a long time ago and that Liam is at school.

The two continue to talk and we learn that the couple had lost a baby. Frankie tells Margaret he has stopped drinking and she scoffs at the possibility. Frankie notices the SIS detectives and calls Bosch. He tells Bosch he will “eat his gun” if they do not move back.

Plan foiled

SIS notices that Frankie’s cell phone is back on and signaling from Margaret’s car as she attempts to leave. They stop Margaret thinking Sheehan is hiding in the back seat. The detectives pull up a blanket in the back seat to find Frankie’s phone but no Frankie.

Frankie was using Margaret’s exit as a distraction to get away in the car parked down the street. Frankie tries to escape the neighborhood but is surrounded. Bosch rushes to the car and tells Frankie he believes that Frankie did not kill Elias.

Frankie feels desperate, but Harry tries to get him to give himself up. Harry reminds Frankie that if he does something rash, he leaves his son behind without a father. Bosch pleads with Frankie to make the right choice. Frankie surrenders.

It’s a match

Snyder gets a call from Ballistics saying they can do the testing on Frankie’s gun soon. Snyder asks to watch. The test reveals a match between the gun and the slug, incriminating Sheehan.

Robertson gives the news to Bosch. Bosch truly believed in Frankie’s innocence and is therefore truly surprised.

In other news:

  • Irving gets update from Bennett and Pell about the fire at River Watch. They have an arson suspect named Bondigas.
  • We learn that Bradley Walker’s latest construction project is highly leveraged.
  • After Bosch ignores a call from Walker, Walker brings Gabriella Lincoln into his car to ask her about the case.
  • Snyder’s lost id is found in the Hollywood Division parking lot.

The evidence points to a suspect, but Harry’s intuition says he is not the guy. Join me next for an investigation of Bosch season 4 episode 7. Also, tune in to the Everybody Counts Podcast  for detailed analysis of each episode.


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