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‘Black Panther’ Takes Home Win for Best Movie at 2018 #MTVAwards

The MTV Movie and TV Awards aired on Monday, June 18th and with it came some awesome pop culture moments. From Chadwick Boseman honoring a ‘real life’ hero to Chris Pratt’s life advice, Marvel fans especially had a lot to celebrate.

When it came to Best Movie, there were some awesome nominees in the category. Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, IT, Girls Trip, and Wonder Woman were all in the running to take home the title. Each film had an impact on the film industry in its own way. IT kept us up all night (and for like three weeks) after we watched it. Girls Trip made us laugh, and laugh, and then laugh some more – but also reflect upon ourselves and our relationships. Wonder Woman made us want to be stronger versions of ourselves. Avengers: Infinity War made us (ugly) cry with it’s emotional and heartfelt moments and Black Panther was the superhero film we all needed.

We’re massive Marvel fans so we were hoping one of the MCU films would take home the win, and we weren’t surprised when it was announced that Black Panther won.

The film broke records before it even hit theaters, but more importantly, it left a massive impact on each fan who watched it. It opened the door not only for change to come but for the importance of change to be recognized.

We’re sending congratulations to everyone involved with Black Panther, it’s a well-deserved win!