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Better Call Saul “Klick” Preview

Here we are Geeklings, the eve
the Better Call Saul
season finale. This season certainly did
fly by didn’t it? I guess
that’s compliments to the chef
though. The mark of
good television is how quickly it seems to to vanish
from our sets and that’s
good ole fashioned story telling, and season two sure had plenty of


When we last left off Chuck
had collapsed and slammed his head in
everyone’s favorite late night copy
shop while Jimmy watched
helplessly from
across the street. I said last week in my review that Jimmy
kind of deserved
this and a
week removed I stand by that belief. There has to be some sort of

consequence to Jimmy’s actions and most of
his actions have been to faceless
bystanders with no repercussions. The
tampering with the Mesa Verde files
only upped Jimmy’s game but the ripple effect hit a number of different

characters. For starters
there’s Kim and whether or not she’ll be able to
escape this scam
unharmed. While last week she was playing
coy about the whole
thing we know that she knows, and now what does that
mean for her? Kim has
been professional in the work place (outside it not so much) and now has

flagged herself as an accomplice
here. While I believe she’ll be able to get
away with this one I wonder if
she’ll get away with the next
one. Or the one
after that. The temptation of Jimmy’s life has got it’s
hooks in her now and
there is
little doubt that next season will explore her battle between being

professional and being Jimmy

Howard also is feeling the burn here
as it was he who recruited
Chuck into talking Mesa Verde
into staying. I’ve
been pretty hard on Howard this season and that’s
mostly because he comes
across as
such a D but he has showed some depth and seems to care about Chuck.
In the
trailer he asks Jimmy point blank
if he had any involvement in this and I
wonder if Howard will hold himself
responsible? Thoughts of maybe
pushing Chuck
to hard or allowing him to work even though he knew Chuck
wasn’t fully ready
for it. Again
this is part of the ripple effect to Jimmy’s actions. If anything
to Chuck I’m curious to how
Howard responds.

Then we get to Chuck
himself. I’ve been saying it for awhile
that I think
that Chuck needs to die this season, and again it’s not
because I don’t like
character. Chuck’s death, which in turn would be caused by Jimmy, would

really have a tremendous impact. I
still believe that if he dies Jimmy will do
the name change to get away from
the name McGill as it serves as
a reminder of
what he’s done to his family. I think Jimmy is capable of
lying to himself
about taking
responsibility for his father’s death but there will be little
doubt about
his part in Chuck’s. Saul
Goodman can rise out of the ashes of
Jimmy McGill and be everything Chuck
thought he was because in turn
Jimmy will
feel he’s right. His punishment is to be exactly what Chuck
thought he was.
It’s kind of
sad. Jimmy has wanted nothing more than to impress his brother and
outside of his scrutiny. His death
could lead to the possible birth of Saul
Goodman which would almost
guarantee that that would never

Elsewhere Mike
has got a serious score to settle with Hector and I
don’t think it ended
with the Hose of Death. Initially
Mike’s payback was to
steal a whole bunch of money and cripple a little bit
of Hector’s business.
little adventure resulted in the death of an innocent bystander which has
be gnawing at Mike’s
conscience. I’m going to circle back to my brother in-
law’s theory that
Mike could put Hector in that
wheelchair, but I’m curious to
see if this will lead to the arrival of Gus.
I’ve been waiting all long for
to show up and it would be a good “holy crap” moment to see him in the
Almost as a way to
align himself with Mike for his crusade against

One more thing
that I’ve been
thinking about with the finale is if we’ll see the return
of Gene. My Jesse
theory is still alive and well however doubtful it may be, but getting a

glimpse of Gene could set the table
for a new direction for the show next
season. A way to alternate time lines
as we’ve seen that Gene is
restless and maybe a little reckless. I’d be curious to see more of
life after
Breaking Bad mixed into his life of becoming Saul Goodman.
Just a

There you have it Geeklings.
What do you think tomorrow’s
finale will bring? Do you think
Chuck’s going to
make it? Will Mike get his revenge? Will we see Jesse
and/or Gene? Sound off in
comments below. See you Tuesday with the review. Happy watching!

Better Call Saul airs on AMC Mondays at 10

Images from AMC

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