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Better Call Saul “Inflatable” Preview

Published on March 27th, 2016 | Updated on March 27th, 2016 | By FanFest

“What kind of lawyer are



Strap yourselves in and get

yourself ready for really bad
commercials because it looks like this weeks
episode of Better Call Saul
is going to see Jimmy
McGill take the first
real steps into the Saul Goodman persona. This new
firm has not been a good fit
Jimmy, as his personality has been suppressed since joining, and it’s time

to do things his way. Granted,
Jimmy’s way tends to get him in trouble but I
think at this point he could
care less. It’s time to usher in
the flashy suits
and tacky shirt colors that everyone loves about Saul
Goodman. Choices I’m sure
his new
firm will love and totally be behind.

Part of this new wardrobe
be Jimmy looking to get fired
but I think the bigger aspect is it allows
him to be himself. This season we
have watched as Jimmy has tried
to do the
right thing and go by the book, in his own way mind you. The only
problem with
that is by the
book for Jimmy comes at a cost… the neutering of his
personality. There is
no denying that he took this job
to stick it to Chuck and
impress Karen, but it’s time for Jimmy to put
Jimmy first.

Does anyone

else get the impression that Jimmy and Karen could be thinking about
their own firm together?
This was an idea that was pitched in the first season
when Jimmy wanted her
to take an office in that way too
expensive office
building he wanted to rent. At the time though there was no
way Karen was
leaving HHM,
but things have changed now. Being shunned by Howard and treated
like the
firms rented mule has Karen
thinking that maybe she could bring her
talents else where. Perhaps a rival
law firm or maybe starting
something from
scratch with Jimmy. We already know that the two of them make
a great team when
off schmucks in bars. Why wouldn’t we think that would translate to
a law firm? I think part of the
appeal for Karen is building a new
persona for herself with each scam they
pull, and maybe this law firm will
the same thing. Jimmy gets to be Saul Goodman and Karen can be who ever
wants. Again just a

With only four episodes
left in this season (including this one)
one would think at some point Mike
and Jimmy’s stories will need to
From the looks of things Mike will be dealing with his daughter
in-law this
week, and finding
her a new place to live. Mike knows that she’s full of it
when she talks
about the gun shots in the middle
of the night, but one has to
wonder why he’s not calling her out on it? I
think whatever the reason is it’s

fueled by guilt, and if a new home provides a good life for his
that’s all Mike will care
about. You Breaking Bad fans will recall
that everything Mike did
he did for his granddaughter and
this looks like it
could be more of the same.

Mike’s daughter in-law
isn’t the only thing
on his
plate though as Hector is still looming. This week will most likely see
claim the gun as his own and
shorten Tuco’s jail sentence. Somehow I
don’t think this will fully
appease Hector, and Mike’s problems
with him are
just starting. Plus you know that submitting to Hector is just
eating away at
him and there
will be a price to pay. Why else would Mike be staking out the


What do you guys think?
What can we expect from this
weeks Better Call Saul? Do you think
we’re finally going to see the

birth of Saul Goodman? Will Hector let Mike off that easy? Let me know what

Better Call Saul airs on Monday at 10 p.m. on



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video from AMC

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