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Better Call Saul “Amarillo”

Careful full

Jimmy, Jimmy,
Jimmy, Jimmy. One of the toughest
things about watching Better
is the bittersweet nature of it. On the one hand Jimmy McGill
completely likable, well
in the “I would totally get a drink with that guy” kind
of way. Better
Call Saul
plays up the
underdog card pretty well, but
the unfortunate thing is we the audience
already knows where this train is

docking. Yet it doesn’t make it any less compelling to watch.

weeks episode, Amarillo, saw Jimmy
continue his path towards Saul
Goodman and it can be frustrating
at times. At
the start of the episode we see Jimmy down in Texas, all pimped
out in his
finest, cheesy
Texas garb, cowboy hat included. The nature of his law suit
Sandpiper Crossing (everyone’s least
favorite old persons home) won’t
allow him in the door, Jimmy takes to
other measures to get new clients.
Even if
these measures are a bit suspect. But hey, would we expect anything


After acquiring twenty-four new clients
with his “I saw your
bus break down and I just so
happened to be in the area”
stunt, Jimmy is feeling pretty good during the
next board meeting at Davis &

Main. What he did not account for is Chuck’s continued pursuit to prove his

brother is a good for
nothing scam artist. The relationship between Jimmy and
Chuck is tragic when
one considers how badly Jimmy
wants to be Chuck. The hang
up here is Jimmy’s willingness to overlook by
the book measures. All he sees is

results and results are positives. Chuck, for all his weird wrap me up in

tinfoil jacket eccentricities,
is blinded by the rule book. The very fact that
he has to share a conference
table with Jimmy seems to get
under his skin in a
way that cell phone reception towers do not.

I enjoyed about Amarillo was that we were able to see the
place of the Saul Goodman commercial
icon. Granted Jimmy doesn’t get any
screen time, but knowing what we know,
it’s obvious to see that he has
a knack
for this type of media. “Whatever happened to showmanship
just sum up Saul
Goodman but could also be the phrase that comes back and bites
him in the
end leading to the downfall of
Jimmy McGill. Although after the
commercial aired I enjoyed the call back to
season one Jimmy as he sat in
of his phone willing it to ring. The fact that it does is shows us
that this is
not the same man
from season one. This version of Jimmy is getting

Filming and
airing the commercial
without the approval of the Davis & Main board was
a risky move, and one
not only puts Jimmy himself in jeopardy but Kim as well. I’m not sure
you guys but I really enjoy the
relationship between Jimmy and Kim, there
is something sweet there. I almost
believe that Kim thinks she can
right Jimmy,
maybe even send him on the straight and narrow. That’s why she
was so
persistent in putting
her neck on the line by vouching for him. “You and I
both know you can
do this job. But please, you have
to do it right
.” While
we know the biggest causality of Better Call
will be Jimmy McGill

himself it is not out of the realm of possibility to assume that Kim will be

caught up in the spiral of
his descent… or rising. Depends on how you view it
I suppose. Kim knows
enough about Jimmy’s history to be
nervous about his
behavior, and last weeks pie fetish video hasn’t helped
his cause

With the board finding out about the
commercial it seems that things are about
to get pretty rocky for Jimmy.
There is little doubt that his offense is
fireable, it’ll just be interesting

to see how he’s able to talk his way out of it. Not to mention the fact
he’s continuing to lie to
Kim. Our “golden boy” pretended to finish his phone
conversation with Cliff
so he wouldn’t raise any
questions from his overly
trusting girlfriend. For as smart as Jimmy is at
times it’s almost frustrating

to see him do things so foolish. How could he not expect this to blow up in

Else where Mike’s daughter in-law
believes someone
is driving down the block firing
guns, and calls it to his
attention. Mike immediately goes into Papa Bear
mode and offers to spend the

night, an offer that gets shot down. Mike being Mike secretly stakes out the

house and sees that these
would be gun shots might actually be the newspaper
delivery. I don’t know
what these papers are weighed down
with, but his
daughter in-law might need to get her ears checked. That’s
with the idea that
she’s not
playing Mike in some way. After the his secret stakeout, Mike,
receives a
frantic phone call from her
bringing him back to the house. She
recalls the gunshots, that did not
exist, going off in the middle of the
and even goes so far to say some house damage is a bullet mark. I’m
entirely sure if Mike is
buying it but I know I’m not. I am curious to what
she’s getting at
though. Mike already brings her money
without being prompted
so I’m not really sure what the end game is

We also saw that Mike is getting a little bored with his new
and visited his favorite
underground, shady job giving vet. With Mike now
graduating to the bigger
jobs like body guard (insert
Whitney Houston song here)
I wonder how long it’ll be before he crosses
paths with Gus. I guess we have

some time before that because Mike’s newest client just so happens to be
And Nacho needs someone
to disappear.

Amarillo may have
lacked the humor from last weeks
episode but
started to put the wheels in motion to get our characters to
where they belong.
Jimmy is
crafting the Saul Goodman character with his brash behavior and Mike is
his way to being the lovable
muscle to a meth empire. Like I said we may know
where these characters are
going but it doesn’t make it any

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