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‘Batman V. Superman’ Doomsday Concept Art and Box Office Status

It was the second week of Batman V. Superman being in the theatres and it had a drop of 68% in the second week. But, as any movie, it earns it’s money at the international box office. It has earned half its money back already, which is still great!

Other news for today is that there is a special look at some concept art that was made for the Doodsday scenes! The professional concept artist Vance Kovacs (he’s know for his work for Thor and Men in Black III) has updated his official website with some concept art that was speciale made for Zack Snyder his movie.

Take a look below at the amazing pictures! They sure did know how they wanted to make the movie, I think it was the perfect translation from the pictures to the screen.

doomsday-concept-art-6 batman-v-superman-concept-art-is-unsurprisingly-beautiful-917155 batman-vs-superman-doomsday-concept-art pAwlZUV sv6xLTI  2nyHqDr OEbl508

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is out now in theatres, have you seen it already? Discuss it with us!

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