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Jesse Eisenberg Talks About Lex Luthor’s Actions

You know the story of this movie by now. If you still don’t, you may want to stop reading because I’m revealing some things with this article.

Spoiler alert!

If you got to this sentence, welcome to the side that has already seen this movie! You may also know that Lex Luthor tries to take out both the heroes by making them fight each other. When that plan failed, he had a plan B that’s called Doomsday, and destroyed the city.


To explain Lex Luthor his actions, here is Jesse Eisenberg that sat down with IGN. Take a look at the interview below!

“I think Lex becomes increasingly unhinged throughout the movie. I also think he’s a guy who has 40 back-up plans and so when one thing doesn’t work out he has another and if that doesn’t work out he has another, which is why I think he never feels that threatened by Superman and Batman because he knows he always has the leverage and his final act, in my opinion; and this is now thinking back a yeah-and-a-half – was this kind of like last- ditch effort to leave it all on the table.”

The scene where I saw him in jail? Yeah, I know that isn’t the end of Lex Luthor. He is too smart to be locked up in a cage like that. Like Jesse Eisenberg said, and is kind of proving my theory, he is a guy that has 40 back-up plans. I can’t wait to see what happens with that!

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is out now in theatres near you! Have you seen it? Tells us about it!

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