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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Filmakers: Why Thor Didn’t Take the Shot

After Avengers: Infinity War’s release, most fans blamed Star Lord for the Infinity Gauntlet which remained with Thanos, but there could be another character for the blame to lay on, i.e. Thor. Immediately after Thanos Acquired all six Infinity stones, Thor emerged from the heavens with Stormbreaker, his powerful axe. He strikes Thanos in the chest with it, while he could have easily struck his head instead. The result of this was that Thanos stayed alive and half of all life was wiped away. Writer, Christopher Markus, revealed why this tiny error on Thor’s side happened.


“It’s a small misstep on Thor’s part, to take this moment of revenge. As monumental as this moment is in cinema, my primary memory is Josh Brolin with a huge chest piece that made him look like one of the Fruit of the Loom guys, with a huge foam axe stuck in his chest.”

Before this scene, Thor, Groot and Rocket travel to Nidavellir, where they meet Eitri. Eitri creates Thor’s new weapon for him, but he is also the one who created the Infinity Gauntlet. But as Joe Russo pointed out on the commentary track, even with the right weapon, Thor made a bad choice.

“The man who made the Gauntlet and the Axe provided Thor with the weapon that could defeat the Gauntlet. Unfortunately, he didn’t go for the head.”


Thor takes his time to let Thanos know that he has served his revenge, but the time he takes allows Thanos to travel to Soul World, a dimension within the soul stone itself. Once Thanos is back to our world, we see him for a short period before he transports again. However, using all six Infinity stones has taken a toll on Thanos and it is clear as Joe Russo adds, “the power that it takes to use all six Stones is significant and clearly damaged the Gauntlet and damaged Thanos, permanently.”
It is clear that if Thor had taken the headshot, or if Star-Lord would have reacted differently upon learning about Gamora’s demise, Thanos likely wouldn’t be able to complete his mission.