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Robert Downey Jr Shares Behind-The-Scene Images Of Tony’s Heroic Moment

I’m still not emotionally over Avengers: Endgame, especially since people keep telling me they “love me 3000” and suddenly it feels as though I’m back in the fully booked theater at 3 am crying.

Since the “spoiler ban” (which some ignored) has recently been lifted, fans have been receiving a tonne of fun and amazing behind-the-scene looks at Marvel’s biggest film. A large majority of the stars have been sharing images and videos from the final battle which saw all of our favourite characters, literally all of them, assemble together in one epic battle.

I’m sure many fans were not ready for the images that Robert Downey Jr shared on his Instagram.


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#tbt #bts @avengers In the stills of the night… #TeamStark #thankyou (📸 @jimmy_rich ) #3000 #videovillage #flashback #throwback

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It was arguably one of the most iconic scenes of the entire film and possibly even the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was the moment where Tony Stark sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos and his massive army. Bringing the entire 10 years to a nice full circle with the line “I am Iron Man”.

Interestingly, that scene was re-shot in January this year. According to Anthony Russo, Robert was very resistant to begin with. He didn’t want to come back and do it again.

“He had thought he’d already said goodbye to the character and he had to do it one more time, so we had to talk him into it.”

From the looks of it, the original scene included Tony just snapping with no dialogue. The Russo Brothers then decided to add the “I am Iron Man” line in when the film was near its completion.

I can’t quite imagine that scene without dialogue now. The fact that Tony ended his career and life with those words, very much mirrored the way he started his new life as Iron Man and as a different kind of person.

Part of me is glad that Robert Downey Jr agreed to come back but there is also a part of me that realises how tough that must have been. After saying goodbye to a character that has been with you for over 10 years and essentially being free of that character, to then being told that you have to come in and film one of Tony Stark’s most important and saddening scenes must have been incredibly difficult. Not only to enter the mindset of that character in that exact moment, but to also jump back into the role after burying it.
Saying goodbye to Iron Man was a tough thing to do, and seeing the making of such a memorable scene really emphasizes its importance. So, much like I did with Captain America, here, I want to know your Iron Man highlights. Leave them in the comments!
Easily one of my favourite moments from Tony Stark is in Iron Man 2 with the suitcase armor, Mark V. It’s an awesome suit, probably one of my favourite suits, but to see it in the Monte Carlo race scene was amazing.
The list goes on.
“doth mother know you weareth her drapes?”

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