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‘Arrow’: Why Manu Bennett needs to do a ‘Deathstroke’ Mini-Series

Manu Bennett’s return to the hit CW TV-Series Arrow was one of the most talked about events across the Arrow-verse social media. Once the rumors got started that he would be returning, they never really let up. In fact, Manu teasingly denying it on social media peaked quite an interest, if anything.

Since then there have been talks, tweets and insta postings to Manu Bennett telling him that he should rally for his own series. Manu himself even tweeted Deathstroke creater, Marv Wolfman saying if anyone were to be the man to get behind a Deathstroke series, it would be him. Wolfman responded to Bennett’s tweet almost immediately, stating: “Much appreciated, Manu. I love Deathstroke and I was overjoyed to see your return and would love to see you do more.”

So, naturally, we also 100% support this ideal of a Deathstroke series. Whether it be a mini-series, regular TV series, or a Netflix original; we just want more Deathstroke!

Here’s why:

Deathstroke is an underrated character. He may not be a gigantic well-known DC villain like Bane or the Joker, and any Deathstroke appearances or references that we get are highly appreciated. He’s got such incredible stories that are just waiting to be told, and not too many people are familiar with his entire backstory.

He’s actually one of the most formidable and strongest villains in the DCverse. Deathstroke’s tactical skills on top of his enhanced abilities make him one of the strongest villains to battle. He defeated the Justice League (with the exception of the Trinity) and his name has been strewed all across the DC realm.

His connection to the Teen Titans could open up new doors. Slade is the archenemy of the Teen Titans, though there have been instances where he found himself teaming up with them. Slade could be used to introduce another team to the Arrowverse, the Teen Titans, similar to the way Arrow introduced Suicide Squad.

Villains need some love too. We’ve got all of these superhero TV shows, when is a villain going to get any sort of love? It would be spectacular to see a TV series from a villain’s perspective. Well, I guess I should say mercenary-turned-villain series. Slade wasn’t always a bad guy, he was merely a bounty hunter doing his job for quite some time there!

Manu’s Portrayal of Deathstroke is just amazing. As if his appearances in other shows were not spectacular enough, his portrayal of Slade Wilson was absolutely phenomenal. You can tell that Manu spent a lot of time researching Slade and really got into the character. Deathstroke is my favorite DC Villain, and my opinion is that Manu captures that character perfectly!


Bottom line is that Deathstroke absolutely needs his own series. Whether it takes us to pre-Lian Yu or maybe show us his journey to Starling City in Season 2, we would LOVE to see this happen!