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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Purgatory’

This week’s episode of Arrow threw several emotional curveballs and twists at us, as Oliver and his team found themselves back where this story began; on Lian Yu.

As the team gathered with Lyla on the forsaken island, they learned that the monitor wants them to build a weapon using the Plutoniumm not to stop the crisis, but to save the team and all those that they care about. After they have a briefing with the team, Oliver reveals the truth to William and Mia about how his fate is sealed and he will die during the Crisis.

Diggle confronts Lyla about her work with the Monitor, where she continues to insist that the monitor is in fact good, and he revealed himself to her years ago when saved her life on a previous military deployment.


Laurel stumbles upon Diggle and his crew, and they find Roy. After a few minutes of arguing, they are forced to amputate Roy’s arm since it has been trapped underneath wreckage of the plane. After a brutal field surgery, the team reunites with Lyla and they bring her both the plutonium and the rest of the weapon. Oliver and Yao Fei make their way back to the home base, only to be surrounded by Fyers and his men. During the battle, William attempts to repair the ‘world saving’ device that was damaged in the landing. It fails to work after a few attempts, and William learns it requires a DNA sequence to power.

Oliver heads to the tent to assist them, while the rest of the group continue to fight off Fyers and his men. When Oliver fails to get the weapon working, the team comes to the realization that it is Lyla who is the one who must weild the weapon. Lyla powers it up, instantly causing Fyers, Billy Wintergreen and the rest of his men to disappear. A portal opens up, and Lyla realizes she must step through it and reconnect with Novu ahead of the crisis.

Oliver and Diggle have a heart to heart about the oncoming Crisis and Lyla’s mysterious mission. Oliver informs Diggle of his sealed fate, and asks him to seek out Felicity and have him bring together both Mia and William, instead of keeping them separated; to which Diggle agrees.

In the closing minutes of the episode, Oliver and Mia discuss their future and Oliver ensures Mia that although people may now tell stories of the Green Arrow, soon she will have her own stories to follow her legacy. Before they can further their conversation, the skies turn red and Lyla arrives. She tells them that she has now a Harbinger of things to come, and the Crisis has begun.

Follow the ‘Crisis’ as it begins on December 8th, 2019 on Supergirl. 

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