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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Prochnost’

Social media has been abuzz about the surprise cameo in this weeks episode of Arrow, and I 100% agree with all the excitement. Seeing Roy Harper return was an absolutely treat, as Roy is a character I have sorely missed.

‘Prochnost’ kicked off with Olivia training Mia to sharpen her fighting skills. While the two of them completed their physical exercises, William was able to get a lock on the General that Oliver had to contact in order to get the  plutonium (explosives) he needed in order to stop the Monitor’s ‘Crisis’ from occurring. They learned he was in Russia, so Oliver reached out to Anatoly Knyazev, his former Bratva brother. Black Siren met with Lyla, who she found out was also working with The Monitor. They learned that the Monitor promised them both a great reward, if they agreed to betray Oliver Queen.

Diggle sought out Roy, claiming to need his ‘slash and grab’ skills in order for them to successfully acquire the explosives. Diggle disclosed the truth about his intentions to Roy, beyond acquiring the explosives. He informed Roy they needed him in order to fight the monitor, and prevent their world from being destroyed. Oliver, Black Siren, Mia and William followed Anatoly to a Bratva fight club, and they located the General. The General agrees to help Oliver out, but only if he wins the battle against the Bratva’s top fighter. Oliver wins the fight, but gets the wool pulled over his eyes when he and Mia are both knocked out by a rogue member of the Bratva.

After both Oliver and Mia wake up, Oliver dicloses the truth to Mia about his past in Russia. The Bratva put Mia through the same training ‘bell’ test Oliver went through when he was first initially installed into the Bratva. She passes the test with ease, and the leader agrees to let both her and Oliver live as long as they give up their weapons plans on the drive they procured. In order to ensure Mia’s safety, Oliver concedes.

Oliver, Black Siren and Anatoly agree that they need to find out where the Bratva is selling the drive. This leads to a gigantic falling out between Mia and Oliver, after he tells the two of them he made a promise to Felicity and he would like them to return back home and stay out of harms way.

While Oliver and his team carry on their duties in Russia, Diggle and Roy successfully acquire the plutonium. Diggle also manages to help Roy get control of his blood lust, after he almost kills a security guard. Roy then tells Diggle he agrees to stay, and help Team Arrow stop the oncoming Crisis. Black Siren seeks out Mia and the two of them have a heart to heart, which ultimately leads to Oliver and Mia reconciling. They come up with a plan that Oliver and Mia will fight in the ring. William poses as a rich manager, and sends Oliver and Mia in to fight of 6 of Oleg’s men. As Oliver and Mia fight, Black Siren and Anatoly manage to stop the Bratva from selling the drive. Oliver finally opened up to both Mia and William about the truth of his past.

Back in Star City, Black Siren meets with Lyla and informs her that she won’t be betraying Oliver and helping her with the Monitor. The episode ends with Lyla betraying Diggle, Oliver and Black Siren – as she orders the three of them to be shot with tranq darts.


‘Arrow’ will return on Tuesday, November 26th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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