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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Leap of Faith’

Once again, the writers of Arrow have done a phenomenal job in leaving us with a heck of a cliff hanger. ‘Leap of Faith’, which was directed by Katie Cassidy, has continued to prove the episodes this season have continued to get better and better. This episode contained plenty of callbacks to earlier seasons, all of which have been thoroughly enjoyed.

The episode kicks off with Oliver and Thea reuniting on the shores (or in the woods) of Nanda Parbat. Nyssa has set off to take care of ‘League Business’ and Roy is out attempting to find himself, leaving Thea on Nanda Parbat on her own. Oliver informs Thea of the upcoming Crisis, and tells her that he needs to do all that he can to help stop it. He informs Thea that he needs to find Nyssa to see what league intel she has on the monitor.

Later on, Oliver  and Thea are jumped by a group of League ‘followers’, whom we soon learn that are Talia’s loyal followers. Oliver tells Talia that he has returned in order to collect an old debt from Talia. He requests her help to gather more intel from the League’s ancient text scribes, to seek if they have any further information on The Monitor.

Talia tells them that the information they seek is hidden in Ra’s secret chambers, and she agrees to help them. After discovering the chamber and gathering the intel that they need, Oliver burns the scroll they uncovered.  As they further explore some of the other artifacts, and collectively decide that they need to launch a hunt for the MacGuffins,  the trio is ambushed by Athena and her henchmen.

Meanwhile in Kosnia on a mission with Lyla and the ARGUS team, Diggle confides in Lyla about how painful it was to watch Earth-2 fade away. He begged Lyla to let him carry on the ARGUS mission to capture Golem Quadir’s son without her, as he is too afraid to lose her.

After Talia and Oliver tracked down the map to Ra’s sacred sword and map that goes with it, Talia stabbed Oliver in the neck, informing him that she could allow Athena to get to the sword first, so she left him behind wounded as she set off on her trek. After some time, Thea found a wounded Oliver, and together they set off to track down Talia. As they do, they are eventually tracked by Athena and her followers, who have already tracked down Talia as well. Athena forces Talia, Oliver and Thea into the chamber into the forbidden chambers to retrieve the sacred sword.

As they enter the chamber, which consists entirely of traps, Talia and Thea break off on their own and leave Oliver behind to fight Athena and her men. As Talia retrieves the sword, she is challenged by Thea in combat. After some fighting sequences, Thea defeats Talia. Oliver then discovered an ancient Arabic text, which provides more insight on the Monitor. Talia apologized to both Oliver and Thea, and she leaves her students and the ‘League of Assassins’ in Thea’s hands to command. Thea declines the offer to lead the ‘League of Assassins’, and instead suggest that she and Talia start a ‘League of Heroes’ in its place.

In the future, ‘New’ Team Arrow faces off with the Deathstrokes. They manage to disrupt a major operation, but it comes with a deadly cost. During the fight, JJ kills Zoe. Following this, him and Connor broke into a fight in which Connor nearly defeats JJ. Just before he could deliver a final blow, a light shines over the group.

The episode ends in the current timeline leaving Mia, Connor and William standing directly infront of Team Arrow – where Oliver, Diggle, Rene and Dinah stand.


Arrow will return on Tuesday, November 5th at 9PM/EST on The CW.

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