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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2’

Here at Fan Fest, this crossover has been extremely long awaited. The hype for the crossover only grows with each year, and it in fact it has been one of the most trending tweets on Twitter!

“Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2” picked up with our favorite band of superheroes facing into the Star Labs vault, where Prometheus-X stood. After slowly pulling off his hood, he was revealed to be none other than Tommy Merlyn. Extremely distraught at seeing his former best friend, Oliver asked his friends to leave so that he could have a moment alone with Tommy.

Image: The CW

While the rest of the superhero squad attempted to brain storm as to why a bunch of evil Nazi’s would crash Iris and Barry’s wedding, Kara told the them that there was 52 earths. Wells then revealed that there was as a matter of fact, 53 earths and the 53rd earth was called Earth-X. It was basically Earth-1 same history and same timeline, with one crucial difference. The Nazi’s developed the atomic bomb and won the war. Hitler continued his reign until his death in 1994.

Oliver began his discussion with Tommy. Tommy told Oliver he was born into the Reich, where there are no elementary schools and normal lives. They all grow up without a choice, forced into military training. They continued an extremely heartbreaking discussion, where Oliver tried to convince Tommy to join him and tell him where the rest of the Earth-X people were. In a sad twist, evil Tommy ranted to Oliver about how his world would come to an end and the Nazi’s would kill Oliver and his entire team. He then bit down on a cyanide capsule and committed suicide.

On Earth-X rally point, Dark Arrow informed Dark Flash and Overgirl about Merlyn’s death. Dark Oliver stated that Dark Flash needs to get to work on finding the prism. Dark Arrow stated that he would devise a plan of attack, once they got a location on the prism. Ovegirl and Dark Arrow shared a kiss, before continuing on with their plan.

Felicity headed back to STAR labs, calling Curtis and asking him to do some research on the Nazis. Oliver entered and asked Felicity to talk about their current relationship situation, in lieu of the impending invasion. Felicity apologized, stating that she doesn’t want to get married to anyone as of right now. They have something great going, and she wants to keep it that way. Oliver asked her again to marry him, but she asked him to respect her decision.

Jax, Caitlin, and Wells  work together on ways to stop the Nazi’s when Stein walked in. He asked for a moment alone with Jax. Jax admitted that he’s upset, because Stein is the closest thing to a father Jax ever had and that is the primary reason as to why he is upset about separating Firestorm.

Alex headed downstairs at STAR labs and had an awkward encounter with Sara. She found Kara, and she admitted to Kara that her one night stand with Sara was a mistake because what she had with Maggie was real. Kara convinced her otherwise, stating that Alex needs to be true to herself and that maybe her one night stand was what she needed.

Image: The CW

Felicity and Iris had a one on one discussion about her stance on marriage and that her getting shot two years ago was the beginning of the end between her and Oliver. An alarm sounded off, and Felicity pulled up a video feed of the Nazi’s breaking into Dayton Opticals.

Oliver, Kara and Barry headed out to fight the Earth-X team, where they ran into 3 enemies. They all pulled their masks off to reveal themselves -Overgirl, Dark Flash and Dark Arrow aka their Earth-X doppelgangers and Earth-X Thawne.

After having some back and forth banters, the six of them engaged in a fight. Oliver shot Overgirl with a Kryptonite Arrow, angering her. She used her laser vision to destroy a nearby skyscraper, which had dozens of construction workers on it. Barry, Kara and Oliver manage to successfully secure the skyscraper and save all the workers. However, in their moment of distraction the doppelgangers managed to escape.

At STAR Labs, the team discovers that the Nazi’s stole the prison so that they could create a neutron bomb. Barry brought in the arrow that Oliver used to shoot Overgirl, in hopes that the team could trace her blood.

Elsewhere, Overgirl and Dark Flash had a discussion about how Dark Oliver is shortsighted on his mission because he loves his wife (Overgirl herself) so much and that he would choose to save her over accomplishing the mission. Overgirl stated that he was dedicated to the mission, and she would see to it that it stays that way.

The team successfully gets a lock on the Earth-X crews location and they all began to suit up. Jax, Sara, Alex, Barry, Kara and Oliver headed out while the rest of the group stayed behind to watched the HQ. Our heroes successfully took out a bunch of the Nazi henchmen, before beginning the search for their counterparts. Sara and Oliver both question the location of Dark Arrow, but then we see a shot of him walking past the STAR Labs sign.

Wells is the first one to encounter Dark Arrow, which Mic sees on the security teams. He tells Felicity and Iris to hide, but asks Caitlin to turn into Killer Frost so that they can try and take down Dark Arrow.

At the warehouse, Oliver spots Overgirl attempting to kill Sara. She shoots another Kryptonite arrow at her, but she catches it and breaks it in half, telling Oliver to ‘burn’.

Image: The CW

Mic uses his heat gun on Dark Arrow and distracts him long enough so that Killer Frost could sneak up and attempt to freeze his bow. The plan fails, as Dark Arrow manages to escape her grasp. He then asks ‘anyone else want to be a hero?’ to which Curtis, Dinah and Rene make their grand entrance.

Back at the warehouse, the team succeeds in taking out all of the henchmen but they were approached by a robot named Metallo, who takes them all out. They wake up, restrained and all wearing power dampening necklaces. Dark Flash, Overgirl and Dark Arrow enter the room to talk to their prisoners.

Overgirl suddenly doubled over in pain, claiming that the pain was too much for her to handle. Dark Arrow convinced her to stand, as their mission was almost over. Dark Arrow and Overigl reveal that their mission was Kara. They need her heart to save Overgirl’s life since she has been exposed to too much solar radiation.

Barry comes to the conclusion that the Earth-X counter parts took the prism so that they could replicate a red son and weaken Kara enough to take her heart. Oliver tells his evil counter part, but Dark Arrow states that he won’t because they are heroes and they will choose the high road. As the evil team walks away, our heroes were knocked out by the evil robot once more.

Iris and Felicity head to the basement of STAR labs in time to see the Nazi henchmen putting Dinah, Curtis and Rene into holding cells.

Oliver, Barry, Sara, Stein, Jax and Alex finally wake up and find themselves in a concentration camp on Earth-X.


‘Crisis on Earth-X’ concludes tonight on The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


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