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‘Arrow’: Prometheus Will Up His Game on Oliver

Although Team Arrow may have finally landed a major blow on Adrian Chase by outing him to the public as Prometheus, Chase has no intention on pulling the emergency break when it comes to slowly destroying Oliver’s life.

Executive producer Wendy Mericle told Variety that even though Chase wasn’t necessarily expecting something like this to happen, he still has a plan.

“Chase is a guy who can pivot on a dime,” Mericle said. “This might have been a surprise for him, but Chase is like a grandmaster at chess. He’s played out every possible move, and knows that regardless of what his opponent is going to do he’s got a plan.

His plans have to change. The public knows who he is, and he can’t be quite as blatant as he’s been. That said, he’s got a continuous plan, and he’s mapped out every step of it. That’s been part of the fun with this season; there’s nothing Oliver can do to one-up this guy.

Given the fact that Chase is about to change his plans, it is only fair to say that Oliver is going to have to do exactly the same. While his current team is pretty kick ass, Oliver knows that Chase is always going to be one step ahead. Evelyn was quick to turn on Oliver, but then again, she had a prolonged issue with him anyway after he ‘abandoned’ them while she and her family were being used as test dummies for the diabolical Damien Darhk.

To ensure his teams safety, Oliver is going to have to go to the utmost extreme measure and bring along his arch-rival to fight by his side. Oliver has certainly allied himself up with some pretty questionable people, but allying up is Deathstroke was definitely something we never saw coming. Regardless of how this is going to go down, it will be fantastic to have Manu back:

It was fantastic to have Manu back. He’s a member of the family. He was so formative in Seasons 1 and 2, and Deathstroke is a huge factor in the comic books for Oliver Queen. It was fantastic to have him back, and Deathstroke is an unpredictable character, so Oliver taking him on makes you wonder. He must be in a pretty dire situation if he’s aligning himself with people like that.

Another pretty sweet treat, aside from a bunch of returning characters, will be how the final flashback scene this season is going to tie-in directly to where we left off in the pilot:

We’re really excited about where we get to with the flashbacks. It’s a very emotional thing for Oliver. We know he gets back home, but we came up with a pretty cool, innovative way of accomplishing that. We also get the opportunity to see a stolen moment from the Pilot that we didn’t actually see in the Pilot.


Arrow will return Wednesday, May 3rd at 8PM/EST on The CW.

Source: Variety

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