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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Fallout’

Published on October 13th, 2017 | Updated on October 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

Five months after the events on Lian Yu, Team Arrow is still fighting to keep the streets of Star City safe. The Season 6 premiere kicked off just as expected, with Team Arrow fighting to keep the bad guys from wrecking havoc on Star City. Naturally, a very wicked bad guy who attempted to fire a missile towards the city.

In a flashback scene on Lian Yu, Samantha ran into the jungle to find William with Thea and Nyssa running after her. The rest of the team also scattered, just as the explosions start going off.

In present day, Felicity brought some Big Belly Burger for the team to eat. She and Oliver briefly mentioned ‘them’ and William as well.

In a flashback scene, Oliver and William arrived on the island and Oliver reassured William that he is going to find Samantha

In present day, Oliver struggled to establish a relationship with William, as William appeared very standoffish. If that wasn’t enough to hurt the heartstrings, William referred to Oliver as ‘Oliver’ and not ‘dad’.

Down at the Police Station, Dinah interrogated the bad guy Team Arrow arrested. Before she can get too far, a cop came in to inform her that Lance is late to the station. She left the criminal in the hands of the police department, only to find Lance at a bar. He mentioned about how he felt ‘so guilty’ although no indication is given as to what he feels so guilty about.

Image: The CW

Back at the police station, the criminal (Alex Vaust) asked for a soda. After being brought what he desired, he slammed his head on the table as to pull out one of his teeth… which turned out is rigged with C4. The can detonates, and armed men stormed the station, led by Black Siren.

Oliver reports to the crime scene with Quentin the next day to meet with Dinah. In the brutal ambush led by Black Siren, nine officers were killed. Dinah revealed a video showing that the criminal who detonated the Police Station was Black Siren, and she freed Alex Vaust in the process.

Oliver offered to take William to school as a way to reach out to him, but William seems like he has no interest in having a relationship with Oliver. Rasia tells him that William told her ‘the bad men’ is why his mom is dead and not to worry, William will come around.

In a flashback scene Oliver found Slade, and asked him where the others were. Slade informed him that the group split up, with Thea and Nyssa chasing after Samantha. Oliver asked Slade where Thea was. At first, Slade didn’t respond but solemnly replied ‘she’s this way’, before leading Oliver off through the burning woods.

Quentin entered Oliver’s office and the two exchanged a conversation about how Rene is doing a great job at City Hall, but he is ‘No Thea’. Quentin then talked to Oliver about Black Siren, but is seemingly hesitant to disclose the details of the final encounter between him, Dinah and Black Siren back on Lian Yu. Quentin then told Oliver that he believes Black Siren went to the SCPD looking for him. Before Oliver and Quentin can further continue their discussion, Diggle informed Oliver that ARGUS got a lead on Black Siren.

We got to see Dinah use her Canary Cry to stop Black Siren’s convoy. Naturally, Battle ensues. Team Arrow attempted to stop Black Siren, but they fail to do so when one of Black Siren’s men shoots Renee off of a roof, causing Oliver to leap after him. Thankfully, both survived the fall – Rene in critical shape.

Image: The CW

In a flashback scene on Lian Yu, Slade led Oliver to Thea. Oliver rushed over to her, only to find her still. Despite Oliver’s attempt to wake her, she would not.

Diggle and Dinah headed out to an address given by Felicity in regards to Black Siren’s last location, a warehouse in Pennytown. Diggle told Dinah that he didn’t believe her back in the Arrowcave, when she confirmed that Black Siren was really dead. Before they can get into a further debate, they stumble onto blue prints of where the Police Academy graduation will be, City Hall.

In another flashback scene Dinah and Quentin walk into the monastery to find Black Siren very much alive.

Rasia and Oliver talk about William, and Rasia told him that William is having nightmares once more. Oliver walks into William’s room, and William tells Oliver that the ‘bad man’ is here. When Oliver asks who the bad man is, William points at Oliver.

Lance confessed to the Team in the Arrow Cave that Black Siren was not dead when they found her in the monastery. In fact, Black Siren attempted to kill Dinah by slitting her throat. Her attempt was faulted, when she was shot by Quentin. Since that moment, Quentin had been living with this heartbreaking guilt, and he was too ashamed to share it with the Team. He strongly believed that since he tried to kill her, Black Siren was aiming to seek revenge.

In a flashback sequence, Samantha stumbled over to Oliver and collapses in his arms. She asked Oliver to promise to be a father to William. Shortly after Oliver agreed to her promise, Samantha passed away.

While Oliver, Felicity, Lance and Curtis head to City Hall for the Police Academy Graduation…. Diggle remains in the Arrow Cave for surveillance. When nothing happens at the graduation ceremony, Felicity contacts Diggle back at the Arrow Cave. Before Diggle had the chance to finish his reply, Black Siren entered the Arrow Cave.

Before Black Siren’s goons had a chance to take out Diggle, the rest of the Team appeared and sprung into action. Here, we officially saw our first epic fight for the 6th Season. The team overthrows the minions, but Black Siren manages to escape by slithering on past Quentin, using the fact that she looks like Laurel against him.

After recovering from the battle, the Team gathers that not only was the graduation used as a distraction… but the explosives were planted to cover up her objective. Hmm.

Image: The CW

Oliver headed to the hospital to check on Rene. Much to our relief, he’s going to be completely fine. Oliver also takes the opportunity to spread some positivity, by presenting Rene with some paperwork. Thanks to Oliver being the Mayor, he succeeded in gaining another hearing for Rene so that he could attempt to win Zoe back.

After visiting Rene, Oliver entered another hospital room. There, we saw Thea in an extreme fragile and comatose state. As Oliver made to sit down, a very distinguished Slade Wilson entered the room, stating his signature ‘Hey Kid’. He informed Oliver that the intel on Joe panned out, and that he was going to head out to Calgary. After exchanging some fatherly advice with each other, the two shook hands.

‘Be patient but be prepared, to be the man people need you to be or the father that your son needs you to be. You and I walk between two worlds, and we can only do that for so long.” – Slade Wilson, ‘Arrow’ Fallout

Down in the Arrow Cave, Dinah approached Diggle and tells him that she got his gun tested. It turned out, he never fired his gun even once. Perhaps this was because Diggle is still living with the guilt of killing his own brother, and for blaming himself for Laurel’s death. I mean, it makes perfect sense… Black Siren also looks just like Laurel. So for Diggle, it would be like seeing Laurel die all over again. Curtis approached the pair to inform him that one of his prototype tspheres were missing.

Back in Oliver’s penthouse, Oliver entered William’s room. He opened his heart to William, saying he doesn’t blame William for being mad at him. In fact, Oliver himself  used to blame his dad for things. Oliver then promises that no matter how William may feel about him, he will never walking away from William. He then invited William to watch the Baseball game with him, to which William agreed. (I am 90% convinced that the photo of the baseball player hanging in William’s room is either Justin Smoak or Josh Donaldson)

In the closing moments of the show, Oliver got a phone call from Felicity in which she tells Oliver to immediately turn on the news. There, we see a photo on the news…of Oliver dressed as The Green Arrow.

Arrow will return Thursday, October 19th at 9PM/EST on The CW.



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