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‘Arrow’ EP Addresses possible All Girl Team-Up!

For those ladies and gents who are fans of the DC series ‘Birds of Prey’ – you may be getting a surprise sometime in the near future; Arrow Style!

Marc Guggenheim, an executive producer on The CW’s hit series, recently spoke with TV Line about the possibility of Arrow‘s female characters uniting on a mission. Which, in our eyes, would be something pretty cool to see.

The only thing standing in the way is a bit of a plot situation. One of our favorite DC ladies, Sara Lance, is currently out and traveling through time. While Guggenheim is absolutely in love with the idea – he’s not quite going to be up for it unless he can bring together all of our Arrow ladies.

“It’s totally possible. But truth be told, I wouldn’t want to do it unless we could figure out a way to get Sara in there as well. One of my favorite episodes was 406, where we had Speedy, Black Canary and Canary all fighting side-by-side-by side together, and that was a blast. Seeing three badass women was really, really awesome.”

Now entering its sixth season, Arrow has a fantastic group of female characters for the team-up to occur:

“[An all-girls mission] is on our ‘bucket list, but I really want to figure out a way to get Sara in there as well.”

Arrow will return for its sixth season on October 12th at 9PM/EST on the CW.