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‘Arrow’: Did you catch the Lord Mesa Easter Egg??

Last night’s episode of ‘Missing’ started out with laughter, celebrations and some sweet treats. Speaking of ‘sweet’, did you happen to catch a nod at a certain DCTV-fan art artist?? Team Arrow celebrated Oliver’s birthday as a sort of reward for them finally taking down Adrian Chase. Included in that birthday party, was a very special birthday cake.

The cake for the birthday party was decorated with art by Lord Mesa, an artist who is well-known for his adorable and talented artwork. When asked who made the cake, Felicity stated: Lord Mesa Bakery.



Lord Mesa has been gaining popularity for his drawings of chibi fanart of multiple CW TV Series (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Supernatural). In the years since, his work has expanded to the movie realm; including The Avengers.

Even though this Easter Egg only lasted for a few brief minutes, it was nice to see this small nod to him.

Earlier today, Lord Mesa also tweeted the following image. This is certainly a poster I would love to have hanging up on my wall, next to my Lord Mesa art collection!



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