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Andrew Garfield takes on Whitney Houston’s ‘I’m Every Woman’

Andrew Garfield is charming, talented, and one hell of a performer and he proved all of those things once again last night when he did an impromptu performance at the London stop of the drag revue Werq the World.

Andrew was attending Werq the World with two of his co-stars from the London Revival of Angels in America, Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer-winning number, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Russell Tovey. However, Andrew didn’t remain just a member of the audience for long. He was called on stage during a segment where a few audience members put on wigs and perform as iconic singers in a lip-sync battle. ‘Wig in a Box’ brought Andrew to a curly brunette wig and he chose to channel Whitney Houston for his performance.

Members of the audience went wild with Andrew’s performance of the song, and the lip-syncing wasn’t even the best part of the gig. Well, definitely was the best part, but what he did at the end was pretty awesome too.

Yep! That’s Andrew absolutely nailing a backflip, but how awesome was the entire show? He owned that song and that stage.

Guests in attendance told ET that the entire thing was incredible.

Andrew was incredible. He was having the time of his life watching the others and during his own performance. We all lost it when he did a backflip! Although, he lost the crown to Dolly Parton. It was such a lovely surprise to see him!’

Another guest said he started shy but really got into it soon after.

He was playing shy and embarrassed but then really went for it with the performance as you see. The crowd went absolutely nuts.

The crowd there went nuts, as did viewers at home with the social media clips we’ve seen. We think Whitney would have been a huge fan of that performance herself, and we’re not sure about you, but we want a full song, clear performance of this again soon. Hear that Andrew? We’ll be waiting.

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