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‘American Housewife’ Season 2 Episode 22 ‘Sliding Sweaters’ Recap

Have you ever wondered if you had just made one a just one different decision, just how different your life would have been? This episode Katie (Katy Mixon) is anxious about having breakfast an ex-coworker who replaced her after she decided to become a full-time mom. So, in a true ‘Sliding Doors’ tribute, we get a glimpse into just how something as simple as the color of the sweater can change her day and ultimately her life. As she prepares for her meeting, Katie shops online for the perfect sweater. As she opens the box we get whisked away into the alternate universes that come with each sweater.

The Tale of the Pink SweaterKatie opens the box to find this lovely light shade of pink sweater. As she tries it on, Greg (Diedrich Bader) is preparing for his first day of tenure at his school. Life is grand in the Otto household. Katie walks past a nail sticking out of the door jamb without getting snagged. She walks into Anna-Kat’s (Julia Butters) Lego covered floor, softly sidestepping each and every one of one them. She gives Anna-Kat a “life-hack” on getting her shoe on and of course, she is #numberonemom. Katie then moves on to find Taylor (Meg Donnelly) and Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) who are beginning to argue as they are getting ready for school. The power of the pink sweater convinces her to bribe the siblings, which works wonders. The power of the pink sweater has no bounds. They arrive at school to realize it is “Teacher Planning Day” which meant that there was no school. Katie was on a roll and just brought her precious three children with her. When Ashley (Mary Holland) arrived, Katie was there with her three perfect children and it brought Ashley to tears because she had no life outside of work and was jealous of Katie and the life she had. Feeling like she was on cloud nine, she calls Greg who was not have the same day. His new “office” was an old janitor closet, his assistant was a little weird and his idea of “tenure” was not what he thought it would be. Katie and the children to the rescue. They come and “fix-up” his new office to make more room and work with his new assistant to make Greg’s day a little better.

The Fail of the Blue SweaterKatie opens the box finds the not so lovely knitted blue sweater. As she tries it on, Greg is still starting his first day of tenure at his school. Life is not going so great in the old Otto household. As Katie leaves the bathroom she snags the new sweater on the nail sticking out of the door jamb and that seems to set up the day for her. Katie steps on Anna-Kat’s Legos which makes her bad mood worse. Katie’s day worsens as she finds Taylor and Oliver fighting in the bathroom, instead of bribing them she goes for a pair of handcuffs. (Don’t ask where she got them) When they arrive at school Katie finds out it is “Teacher Planning Day” so she now must drag the three kids to her breakfast meeting where she must try and prove to Ashley Clark that she is happy with the decision she made to quit work and become a stay at home mom. While waiting for her ex-coworker to arrive, Anna-Kat spills her juice all over Katie, Oliver and Taylor are still handcuffed and fighting and of course Ashley walks in as Katie’s life is in mid-spiral. Of course, Ashley’s life is perfect, and Katie walks away from the meeting feeling like a failure. At home in the middle of her pity party, Greg and the kids come to her rescue by finding out that Ashley’s life isn’t as perfect as she made it seem. Katie was reminded that her life was perfect because they loved her enough to fix her bad day.

I do these recaps because I love this show, and this episode is the perfect example of why I love this show. They make this family REAL. They are not a “perfect” family with no problems. They are also not the opposite, a family that is completely “messed up” either. They are your average family. This episode reminds us that we sometimes must stop thinking about ourselves and focus on our loved ones and help them get through their bad day. In the “Pink Sweater” story Katie is having a great day and when she finds out that Greg is struggling she knows she must do something to make his day better. In the “Blue Sweater” story Greg who is also having a bad day finds out that Katie is having a bad day and just knows he must make Katie’s day better first because that is just what you do when you love someone. I wish more people would do that in life. If you see someone having a bad day, just do something to help make it a better one. The world would be a much better one. Always remember kindness costs nothing so use it freely……