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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Preview ‘Battle Royale’

If you watched AHS last week, then you know there was a major development in the story. Not only did Liz Taylor not kill herself, but she and Iris turned their sorrow around and took their revenge out on The Countess and Donovan. In the first few moments of the preview for next week, we see that that act of revenge has seemingly paid off.

So, is the Countess truly gone? Will we see her again in real time? We do see get a brief glimpse of her in the promo, but it’s unclear whether it’s a flashback or present day. Whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll be worth our while.

We’ll also be revisiting Ramona’s private hotel chambers this episode. And I think she might have some murderous intentions of her own…and rightfully so. Who’d want to be stuck in a windowless hotel hallway for all of eternity anyway?

Meanwhile, John is back to his Good Cop routine. He is once again on the hunt for a killer which leaves us with a ton of questions. Has something happened to Alex? Has he forgotten his own penchant for murder again? Is Scarlett safe?

On the plus side of things, Gabourey Sidibe will be gracing us with her on-screen presence again in this episode. So, that’s something more to look forward to!

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