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‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”

‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”In “Head Full of Snow” we are first introduced to Ibis who takes a Greek or Turkish woman at death, and explains that her grandmother taught her the old ways so he’s taking her to the other side. He is very kind. He weighs her heart and she is worthy to go to the good place, even though her family won’t be there because they follow a different god.

‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”

Shadow meets the youngest of the three fortune telling sisters. She’s only awake at night. She tells Shadow about the bear that must stay in the sky and that he “has nothing because he believes in nothing. He’d rather die than live in a world with bears in the sky.” She plucks the moon out of the sky for Shadow, and hands it to him as a silver dollar coin in exchange for a kiss. She’s never been kissed before. “Don’t give it away. You were given protection once and you gave it away. That was the sun, this is the moon.” ‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”We’ll assume the gold coin from Mad Sweeney was a protection and Shadow gave it to Laura. Czernobog then agrees to play a 2nd game of checkers with Shadow. Shadow wins. Czernobog will go with Wednesday now, but he still gets to give Shadow one blow with his hammer.

‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”Then Shadow and Wednesday head out for a bank robbery.

‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”Meanwhile a near miss with a gunshot, sends Mad Sweeney off to hitchhike to Wisconsin with a man who wants to preach to him about the 12 steps. Bad luck. Then the car gets into a fatal accident. That’s when he realizes he gave his one lucky coin to Shadow.

‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”

We meet a man from Oman who is having horrible luck peddling his brother in laws cheap goods. He meets a taxi driver who is actually a jinn. And after a night of passion with the jinn, who insists he doesn’t grant wishes, the man awakens to the jinn having given him his taxi license and keys and the jinn’s clothes. The jinn, who hated driving the taxi, got himself enough worship in the form of sex, and takes the man’s place.

‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”

Wednesday has Shadow concentrate on snow, an irritating snow. “It might not do anything, but at least it will concentrate your mind.” Lo and behold it snows. Mad Sweeney arrives to get his coin back. But he’ll have to get back to Eagle Point to find it at Laura’s grave.

Wednesday sets up signs saying the ATM is out of commission at the bank and collects all the night deposits for the suckers who hastily hand them over to get out of the snow storm. Shadow is still in disbelief that he made it snow. “You’re perfectly ok to believe that tiny people on tv can predict weather. But not that you could create snow.”

‘American Gods’ Recap “Head Full of Snow”

While on the road again Wednesday tries to explain the angst that America suffers, “This is the only country in the world that wonders what it is. No one goes looking for the heart of Norway or searching for the soul do Mozambique. Mozambique knows what it is.” Shadow insists, “America knows what it is.” But he doesn’t elaborate for us.

Sweeney heads to Laura’s grave, digs it up and finds it empty with a coin sized hole burned into the coffin. And Laura shows up in Shadows hotel room again.

Next week on American Gods, we’ll learn more about Laura and Shadow’s life. To read more of Fan Fest’s American Gods recaps click HERE!

American Gods airs Sunday nights at 9pm EST, on Starz.

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