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‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”

‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”Jesus’s coming to America story is told at the opening of American Gods this week. But not the European version of Jesus, the illegal immigrant version. This Jesus uses his water-walking skills to save the weak who are drowning in the river. In a disturbing twist the immigrants are met by vigilantes who mercilessly gun down defenseless men, woman and children. It’s a bit of foreshadowing for the other god we meet this week. Jesus takes the bullet for innocent looking for a better life, and is transformed into a kitschy La Luz de Jesus, complete with the burning heart.

Wednesday and Shadow continue their travels, heading to Kentucky to meet up with Vulcan. On the way Wednesday removes a piece of the tree that destroyed the police station, it was growing inside Shadow. I still think the tree was placed by Wednesday.

‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”
American Gods Season 1 2017

The adventures of Ginger Minge and Dead Wife continue with Laura and Sweeney travelling together. Sweeney needs to get his coin back so he’s willing to help Laura find Jesus. Jesus can resurrect her. Which Jesus we don’t know, because as Wednesday said, ‘There a lot of need for Jesus. Hence we need many Jesus-es.’ They try to steal Salim’s taxi’s. Salim (the once salesman, who had a one night stand with a jinn) agrees to drive them, if Sweeney will take him back to the jinn. Laura is uncharacteristically kind to Salim. Will he manage to make her a believer and save her from a fate of an empty afterlife? Sweeney doesn’t want to drive due to his bad luck and doesn’t want Laura to drive because she’s already dead and would think nothing of wrapping the car around a tree to rid herself of Sweeney.

‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”The viewers arrive in Kentucky in time to see a sacrifice to Vulcan. A foreman in an ammo factory falls into a vat of molten metal. The town has a funeral and parade in his honor, but it is really in honor of Vulcan. Everyone in town is an avid defender of gun rights, openly carrying a weapon everywhere. Bullets actually rain from the sky after all in town salute the sacrifice. There is an undertone of White Supremacy, completely with Nazi-like arm bands on all citizens. Shadow is unnerved. ‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”Vulcan, brilliantly played by Corbin Burns, is irritated that Wednesday brought Shadow into his town, he won’t offer him a drink and asks him if he knows what it feels like to be hanged. Was Technical Boy’s lynching of Shadow a sacrifice to Vulcan. There is a similar lynching tree outside of Vulcan’s home.‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”

Wednesday holds his tongue but clearly can’t stand Vulcan’s racist attitude. After playing to Vulcan’s ego, and discussing the coming war, Wednesday cons Vulcan into forging a blade. Vulcan agrees to help Wednesday despite the fact that he is doing just fine. He has plenty of worship after he “franchised his faith.” Those that worship Vulcan hold a volcano filled with prayers in their hand. “It fills their spirts every time they pull the trigger.” Wednesday knows not to trust him.

‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”Wednesday debates the nature of the craft of a handmade weapon versus the manufacturing Vulcan is doing now. Vulcan insists the best handmade blade in the world never spilled as much blood as a gun could in a day. Vulcan finishes the blade just as he tells Wednesday that “they are coming” for him. He explains that the new gods didn’t forget to tell his story, like all the old gods. ‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”I guess Vulcan is still the begrudged Grecian god. “Now every bullet fired in a crowded theater is a pray to me.” This is an amazing analogy to the unknown, troubled faces that so often commit these random crimes. Wednesday isn’t having any of this pity party justification. He unceremoniously kills Vulcan with the blade, pushing him into his own molten pit. Wednesday ends his story with Vulcan by pissing into the molten metal, cursing the whole factory.

‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”While Sweeney slept in the back of the car, Laura steered the three passengers, not to Kentucky, but back towards Eagle Point. The unmistakable chemistry between Sweeney and Laura is thick. I don’t think he just wants his coin back from her. He adores her despite all his pigtail pulling and insults. He insists Laura needs to drop this pursuit of Shadow. She has already decided to leave her mother and family behind. Is she starting to let go of this world completely?

‘American Gods’ Recap “A Murder of Gods”

See you next week when we learn why Mad Sweeney is so attached to Laura. American Gods can be seen on Starz, Sunday’s at 9pm.

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