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Amber Heard Credits Zack Snyder for Selling ‘Aquaman’ Role

With the news that the trailer for Aquaman will be released during SDCC, fans are more anxious about the film than ever before. We’ve seen the exclusive photos from EW, the magazine covers that made our hearts skip a beat, and now we’re hearing just a little bit about the film from those close to it.

One of which came from Amber Heard in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The print edition is available now and it gives fans just enough to hold us over until SDCC next month.

Heard wasn’t sure at first about the role of Aquaman’s love interest, as she’s not keen on being the damsel in distress. However, it took a few words from Zack Snyder for her to be sold on playing Mera.

‘I’m allergic to being the damsel, the two-dimensional archetype of what women are often limited to in this industry, especially in the superhero world.’

She went on to tell Entertainment Weekly what exactly Snyder said to convince her.

‘Zack got me at warrior queen. You get a sword and a crown,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’

The glimpse we saw of her in Justice League definitely fit the bill of a strong woman. We can’t wait to see more of Heard as Mera in Aquaman. The film hits theaters this December.