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All the ‘Detective Pikachu’ Surprises for Fans at the Pokémon World Championships

Nashville, Tennessee is the place to be if you are a fan of the little pocket monsters, because the Pokémon World Championships are happening there as we speak!

There, Rob Letterman, the director of the upcoming Detective Pikachu, had a few surprises for fans as he disclosed exciting news.

Of course, his first revelation was something we already knew. Rob revealed that the official title of the film is Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

The coolest surprise was the revelation of the film’s official logo!

It’s a clean looking logo that involves classic Pikachu electric blues and yellows.

Speaking of the Pokémon Twitter account, there have been many announcements there recently. One of the things they announced was that fans in attendance of the event will actually be extras in Detective Pikachu. There will be a huge battle scene filmed at the event, which will easily give them the opportunity to join in on filming. That is perhaps the coolest thing that’s ever happened at the Pokémon World Championships, and also ever.

Rob also revealed that Justin Smith and Kathryn Newman will be starring in the film, joining other stars. Ryan Reynolds has previously been announced as Detective Pikachu. Smith will be playing the role of Reynolds’ partner after his father disappears, and Newman will be playing the role of a Junior reporter who helps the team out.

Ken Watanabe, Bill Nighy, Suki Waterhouse, and Chris Geere are also part of the cast. What most fans failed to understand is why there was so much fun fair was involved in revealing an obvious title, but the surprises were worth it, and the news was widely appreciated by the worldwide fan base of the Pokémon franchise.