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‘Adventure Time’and ‘Regular Show’ Crossover Comic Announced

Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if your two favorite animated series, Adventure Time and Regular Show, were to ever collide? What would happen if Mordecai and Rigby ran into Finn and Jake and what trouble would they get into? What ‘Regular’/’Avdentures’ would they have?

Well fans, your wishes are about to come true. Unless you didn’t wish this so, this may or may not make it your worst nightmare. Whatever the case may be, it was recently announced by EW that a new crossover comic series is in the works for both shows.

Due out sometime in August, the comic series will be written by Conor McCreery and is said that it will have Finn and Jake enter the world of the Regular Show. They will face a new villain and must find something that can save Ooo. McCreery says that fans should be ready for “a LOT of craziness.”

“Plus, how much fun is it to have these guys meet and hang with each other? Oh, and it’s got a totally math new villain!” ~ Conor McCreery

So fans, you need not worry. Although both shows are either in it’s final season or have already ended, you will still be able to join Jake, Finn, Mordecai and Rigby on all their NEW ‘Regular’ ‘Adventures’ when the comics are released in August 2017.


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