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A Lovely Night – Husband and Wife Beautifully Recreate La La Land Dance

La La Land waltzed into our hearts earlier this year, and struck many moviegoers as something really special. The film, chock full of original music and dance routines gave something especially inspiring to those vocally and rhythmically inclined.

I still find myself tapping my feet to the music out of nowhere, even when it isn’t playing!

Husband Eric Floberg and his wife recreated the famous dance scene under the same Los Angeles starry skyline, and it is enchanting!

Floberg writes “This is one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. Filming a 4 minute long continuous scene with dancing, singing, and acting is no joke. We are obsessed with La La Land, but we now have a brand new appreciation for Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and the whole cast and crew of this film. We fought a lot with one another while dreaming this up and prepping for the shoot, but we are so proud of what we’ve made. Enjoy!”

The talented duo completed the routine in one beautiful take. Very impressive!


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