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5 Throwback Sci-Fi’s you’ve got to watch again

Movies are building their capability every day to match the imaginations of Sci-Fi geniuses but let’s not forget the classics that really made us fall in love with Sci-Fi. Bad special effects and all.

1. The Matrix (1999). Who doesn’t wish they were a computer-hacker-extraordinaire?   On top of being just that, Neo is recruited to open his mind and join the fight against the machines. And if that isn’t enough to convince him, a hot lady in black leather is. In all seriousness, the Matrix is an amazing movie that tells us to question our reality and doubt the status quo. On the other hand, if that means having a HUGE bug crawl through your belly button maybe you should just keep your head down.

2. Contact (1997). Jodie Foster will forever be Clarice Starling in many people’s book but she also plays an excellent Dr. Ellie Arroway, a scientist who receives a signal from outer space. Jodie Foster’s tenacity of her belief in her extraterrestrial journey can inspire any non-believer. What probably gets most people ( and it gets me) in this movie is the universal devotion in a belief even when no one else around you does. Watch this movie when you’re feeling a little unjustified and you’ll know Jodie Foster is with you and so is Matthew McConaughey.

3. Event Horizon (1997). To Vega with Jodie Foster and her aliens, Event Horizon makes us all hope we’re alone. It may have come out almost 20 years ago but it is easily one of the scarier and messed up Sci-Fi’s to date. Sam Neill and his “where we’re going you won’t need eyes to see” – nope. I bet Laurence Fishburne wishes he could take the blue pill right about then.

4. Waterworld (1995). Waterworld might be a disturbing comparable to today’s climate threats. Kevin Costner is the poster child for evolution, the bad guys are greedy jerks, and a small child (who is the key to dry land) warms even the icy heart of Costner, yada, yada, yada – who else just loves the “paay-per” guy, Kim Coates.  You’ll recognize him as Tig Trager in Sons of Anarchy. While Waterworld gets a bad rap from most it’s one of those movies you never pass up on TV.

5. Dune (1984). More people than not don’t like this adaptation of the Frank Herbert’s novel but it has to be acknowledge that it is as classic as it gets. The beginning is a bit confusing but that might be because there are six books to the original series, fifteen Dune books written later by different authors and an insane web of houses, enemies, and plot twists that rival the intricate net of Westeros. The movie is visually fantastic and despite the ’84 special effects it is well worth the re-watch.

One thought on “5 Throwback Sci-Fi’s you’ve got to watch again

  1. I am excited to watch an old sci-fi movie. I am of old school but will give it a shot

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