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3 Things You’ll Need to do After Seeing ‘Infinity War’

Without giving too much away, because quite frankly we’re avoiding spoilers like the plague, we can pretty much confirm that Infinity War is going to be heartbreaking.

We all saw it coming, we’ve been preparing ourselves, but when we heard that some people walked out of the premiere crying, it hit us all over again.

So what did we do? We decided to brainstorm 3 things you should do after you see Infinity War. You know, to try and shake the sadness.

3. Volunteer to cuddle animals at a local shelter

Nothing makes you feel better than cuddling with adorable animals. Since we imagine we’ll be pretty emotionally scarred after the film, what could be better? Well, the Russo brothers not crushing our hearts, but it is called Infinity War after all.

2. Go to Disney World

Nothing like visiting the happies place on earth after you suffer some heartbreak, right? Hey, even if you can’t stop crying after you make it to the parks, you can drown your sorrows in dole whip while wearing Marvel themed ears. Look for anyone else doing the same and go give them a hug. It’ll help you both.

1. Find one of those Men In Black memory erasers

Honestly, the only thing that will make you feel 100% better is forgetting all the sadness ever happened! If you happen to find one of them, we’d totally go in on it with you and we could all erase those memories together. Infinity War who?

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.