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2016 – 2017 TV Season In Review

We are midway through Hiatus, and while TV fans have more than a few months to go until the return of regular season favorites, some of us at FanFest discussed some of the hits and misses of this past season among other things. From our new favorites to the most shocking losses and best arcs, here is our 2016-2017 season in review!

 Just a warning: If you are not completely caught up, there are spoilers in the answers below! 

  1. Did you have a favorite new show and how did it fare by the end of the season (canceled, renewed,  left you disappointed, stuck the landing, etc.)?

J.Ryan – My two favorite shows of the new season, This is Us, and The Good Place both got renewed, and I couldn’t be happier! If I could only pick one, it would be The Good Place. As a big fan of The Office and Parks, having another show from Michael Schur on the air is my happy place!

Linda – This Is Us. Fared extremely well and has been renewed for two more seasons. It left me wanting more!

Hayley – My favorite new show was Lethal Weapon. It was renewed. I also love American Gods, but it recently debuted, so there’s no renewal news (note: it has since been renewed). I also loved The OA on Netflix, but I’m not sure what the status of it is.

Beth – I fell in love with Riverdale, and it has been renewed for a second season.

Leslie- Animal Kingdom. I did not think I would like it. I love it. More than stuck the landing. It had twists I didn’t think were possible in life, let alone TV.

Alyssa – Westworld had a great first season. It came in strong, had a couple of good mysteries, and went out with a bang. Thankfully, the show was renewed for a second season. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be longer than a year before it comes back.

Brianna – One of the new shows I loved watching was Pitch. A baseball drama about the first woman in the major leagues was my kind of story. Sadly, Fox canceled it after just ten episodes.


  1. Was there a series arc that made you love a show even more? Why?

 Ryan – Yes! Supernatural… For a show in its 12th season, they still managed to make me love them, even more, when they brought Mary Winchester back. Bringing a character back from the dead can be tricky that it doesn’t get corny or unbelievable. However, the way the show handled her return, and how Dean and Sam reacted to it, was well done and reaffirmed my love and faith in the show and faith in those running it.

Linda – No.

Hayley – I loved the alternate reality story arc in the back half of Agents of Shield. It was fun to see characters that had died come back and to think about how things would change if just one or two events from the Marvel Cinematic Universe were changed.

Beth – Well in Riverdale it’s the twist that Hiram Lodge is innocent and in Pretty Little Liars (I know this isn’t a new show but I have to add it) the whole aspect that Lucas knew Charles this whole time. Moreover, in Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy becoming a real couple and Sheldon realizing that he wants to marry her.

Leslie – Animal Kingdom. Every character had an arc I did not see coming. The 1st season was about getting to know the family. Every character’s story was crazy and compelling.

Alyssa –Barry finally taking responsibility for all of his actions in the season three finale of The Flash made me love the show more because this shows the tremendous change in his character. He never wanted anyone to do the dirty work for him, yet he still let them go through with it. Barry was told that the Speed Force was angry with him, so his actions, in the end, was courageous and what was needed to be done. This has an interesting set-up for season four.

Brianna – The Prometheus arc on Arrow this season was just so well done. After a pair of less than great villains, seeing how Prometheus played the game until the very end was crazy in the best way and rocketed Adrian Chase/Prometheus to the top of the best baddie list for the show (yes, even beating out Slade).


  1. Was there a moment throughout the TV season that had you scratching your head? Why?

 Ryan – The Blacklist, and MOST of the season. The entire fourth season was a head scratcher to me. It was so uneven, and at times made me question why I was still watching it. The core mythology of the show felt like it was being tossed aside at times, and more questions than answers were presented. The long mid-season breaks did not help, but I think it ended on a strong note, and with a season 5 renewal, I am hopeful it can return to being the kind of show that was must see TV.

Linda – When Jack won money playing poker and left the game to get jumped by thugs. I just felt like he should have known better than to leave the table the way he did. He must have known those guys wouldn’t be happy with him walking away. Was not a big deal but yeah… scratched my head.

Hayley – I’m not sure I like the direction that The Walking Dead is going in. They are relying more and more on the comic for dialogue. I miss the deeper symbolism and subtleties that the show had in past seasons. I’m just not sure where they’re going with it now.

Beth – In Riverdale I want to know why Cheryl felt the need to kill herself and set her house on fire. Also, why was Cheryl’s dad as bad as he was.

Leslie – I still don’t understand why people like reality tv. Aside from that, I also don’t understand how the writers for Taken could leave such big plot holes.

Alyssa – I’ve been scratching my head of Once Upon a Time for quite a while now. I have kept with the series so far because they’ve had good season finales that make me want to watch when it comes back, but then I’m usually a little letdown. The decision to continue the show when so many of the original characters we know and love won’t return is puzzling. I think Once should’ve gone out on a high note and not dragged it out any longer.

Brianna – In some ways I understood the Susan Williams plot on Arrow or at least what they were trying to do. However, I don’t think that it played out that way considering she came off as a morally questionable journalist sleeping with the subject of the big investigation she was working on.


  1. What was the biggest loss (character, show) of the season?

J.Ryan – For me, losing Abraham off The Walking Dead still makes me sad. He was definitely one of my favorites from the show (and the comics). So, while I wasn’t surprised at his death, it still bothered me, and I felt his absence through the entire season. Also, losing Outsiders to a ridiculous cancellation was hard. That show had a very strong second season, and its finale was so incredibly open-ended. I want some closure!

Linda – Randall’s dad on This Is Us. Just glad Randall got to spend time with him though.

Hayley – I was pretty devastated about Peter Quinn’s death on Homeland.

Beth – Jason blossom and possibly Fred on Riverdale.

Leslie – Ragnar and Ecbert on Vikings.

Alyssa – Possibly all of the Arrow supporting cast?

Brianna – Biggest loss of a show has to be Pitch.


  1. Shows (new and returning) that you’ll be sticking with next season? (this can be a list)

J.Ryan –The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, The Good Place, This is Us, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Ghosted (premieres this fall), Fear the Walking Dead, The Blacklist.

Linda – This Is Us. Everything Defenders. Game of Thrones. Stranger Things. Arrow. The Flash. Walking Dead.

Hayley – This would be quite the list because I watch many shows, but I’m most excited for The Expanse, Agents of Shield and Supernatural to come back.

Beth – Riverdale, young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory, the new Star Trek.

Leslie – Vikings, Taken(to see if it improves), American Gods, Animal Kingdom

Alyssa – Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Westworld, Game of Thrones, Supergirl, Walking Dead

Brianna – Arrow, iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, The Good Place, Lucifer, Superstore, Atlanta, The Mayor, The Gospel of Kevin.


  1. Which character had the best arc? (Can only pick one!)

J.Ryan – I am going to go with Carol from The Walking Dead. From where she started at the beginning of season 7, to where she ended was remarkable. For a character that started so meek and frightened, to transition to the seemingly cold-hearted killer she appeared to be over the course of six seasons was incredible as it was, for her to begin feeling the effect of all the deaths, and to see the toll it took on her, it felt so real. She needed time to work through those emotions to become yet a new version of herself. One that could encapsulate her authentic self, but also keep the “do what needs to be done” mentality to stay alive and help keep her people alive.

Linda – They were all great, but for me, it is Kate’s story. Her battle with weight is something to which I relate. The show taps into Kate’s struggles at a very early age… even comparing herself to her beautiful mom. It broke my heart to see Kate, as a child, ridiculed by her peers… I have been there. I feel this sends a huge message to kids today… words hurt and continue to have an impact throughout your life! I cried when they showed her at the weight loss retreat slamming the sticks on the floor and screaming out all the pain she has held inside for so long. I am very much looking forward to the connection between what caused her Dad’s (Jack) death and how those emotions added to her weight problems.

Hayley – I have loved Ed Nygma/The Riddler’s arc on Gotham this season.

Beth – Oh geez. Probably, Sheldon Cooper. His arc was the most dynamic for his character.

Leslie – Ivar the Boneless on Vikings.

Alyssa – I think that Sara Lance has had some of the best character development across the Arrow-verse. This season on Legends of Tomorrow she came into her own as the captain of the Waverider. Sara started out a party girl, then became a heartless assassin, died, was filled with bloodlust, was broken by the death of her sister, but has now come to be a true hero. Her selflessness saved time. Plus, she’s a total badass.

Brianna – I have to say that Oliver definitely had the best arc this season, in terms of growth. Season five put him through the ringer thanks to Prometheus, from having him accidentally kill Detective Malone to being tortured by the man and kidnapping his son and his friends only to make him choose between his son or his friends. He went through so much, but in the process, we were able to see how much he’s grown from what he’s gone through the last ten years. It was great to see especially during 5b.

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