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‘Yellowstone’Taken Over by a State of Pandemonium, and Creator Taylor Sheridan is Allegedly Fuming with Kevin Costner

Published on March 5th, 2023 | Updated on March 5th, 2023 | By FanFest

More drama is surrounding the future of “Yellowstone.”

As viewers wait with bated breath to learn if Kevin Costner will remain on the iconic western series, the future of this beloved show hangs in the balance.

Reports previously indicated that Costner only wanted to work a week for the remainder of season five, yet this was later refuted by his lawyer. Puck News recently conducted an extensive investigation into the issue and discovered one potential conflict – the release date of his civil war movie “Horizon”.

Costner’s attorney allegedly persuaded Paramount to acquire the domestic rights of the movie. As Puck pointed out, there was no direct exchange or trading involved, yet it seemed that if Paramount consented to Capture ‘Horizon’ and present a late-2023 release date for it then perhaps Costner would become more available for his other project, ‘Yellowstone’.

Paramount declined Costner’s offer, and he informed them that his shooting schedule for “Horizon 2” will last from March to October. This could potentially delay the production of Season 5 until fall, thus pushing its release back to 2024 in case no other situation arises.

Taylor Sheridan is reportedly not happy with Kevin Costner.

As per a recent report, the unavailability of Costner is now causing major trouble for Taylor Sheridan. With no knowledge on whether or not their leading actor will stay in or leave the franchise, it has become difficult to write the rest of its script.

Puck noted the relationship between Costner and “Yellowstone” has probably “run its course,” and “Sheridan is certainly furious,” per Puck’s sources.

“Sheridan has considered killing off John Dutton before, but this time, as they say, it’s personal,” Puck further reported.

To say the least, things are not looking encouraging.

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What will happen with “Yellowstone”?

At the moment, it’s safe to say that Puck News is not painting a rosy picture for the future of this popular TV show. Unfortunately, things appear quite dim at present.

Ultimately, Kevin Costner is generously compensated for his role in “Yellowstone.” He should recognize that it’s his job to act and focus on delivering the performance fans know and love him for. Leveraging “Horizon” will only detract from what people are eager to see him do best: shine in front of the camera!

Fans, myself included, cannot accept the sudden increase of availability if “Horizon” is acquired by new distributors. To make matters worse, it appears that Sheridan isn’t pleased with this development either – making for a possible catastrophe in the near future.

With Costner out, let’s pray that Sheridan will conclude things with an outstanding ending. We’ve all been thoroughly invested in “Yellowstone” for years now; the last thing we desire is a poorly executed finale because of some petty feud. Nevertheless, our beloved Duttons would be true to character if something like that were to occur!

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