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Who Will Marvel Entrust Us To Fear in their Thunderbolts Series?

Published on February 28th, 2023 | Updated on February 28th, 2023 | By FanFest

Marvel’s adaptation of the infamous Suicide Squad is expected to hit theaters in July 2024, featuring a new lineup of supervillains on secret missions for the government. Although Steven Yeun has recently been announced as part of the cast, there are still many questions left unanswered as Marvel continues assembling its team. As we eagerly await this upcoming film that will conclude Phase 5, we can only speculate what lies ahead and anticipate how our favorite villains will interact with each other and their environment.

As viewers speculate and wait with anticipation, there appears to be one member of the team that is missing in action. Will Daniel Brühl’s infamous Baron Zemo make a surprise appearance? Though he may lack presence onscreen, his past villainous exploits – such as those seen in Captain America: Civil War– illustrated his impressive cunning intellect. The silence around him could potentially indicate an upcoming grand plan that fans are yet to discover. Zemo could be an “enemy” that the Thunderbolts must take down. On the other hand, he might not be the only enemy the team has to face.

Thunderbolts Cast

Thunderbolts Needs to Introduce Sentry

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to include Superman in its lineup, making now the perfect time for Sentry’s debut. As Phase 5 comes to a close with Thunderbolts, it is essential that each film demonstrate Kang the Conquerer as a worthy opponent and introduce exciting new heroes to face him off against. The promise of introducing Sentry at this juncture carries great potential; especially when paired with the movie preceding Thunderbolts.

As Captain America: New World Order prepares to hit theaters before Thunderbolts, the plot is poised to address Sam Wilson’s efforts in becoming a revered hero – yet not without its share of setbacks. The powers that be may regard him as deficient and inadequate when it comes to safeguarding the American people. Thusly, characters such as Thunderbolt Ross (Harrison Ford) might attempt to devise an alternative guardian they can control; namely Sentry who would serve as their ideal replacement for Sam’s own beloved Captain America. To truly demonstrate Sentry’s amazing strength, the story must contain an array of action sequences. Once those in power understand that they can’t stop him, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine should make a grand entrance – possibly even as part of a post-credit scene! By introducing her this way, it will be the ideal lead up to Thunderbolts.

When it comes to battling Sentry, the government has no choice but to send in Thunderbolts. At the same time, Sentry needs an escape plan from all those trying to capture him and that’s when Zemo enters the scene. With his manipulative character, he is able to make Sentry comply with his demands which leads them teaming up for a vicious third-act battle! There couldn’t be a better way of introducing these two characters into this story.

Baron Zeme Needs to Pull the Strings

Baron Zemo shattered The Avengers in Civil War and now, with Thunderbolts, he’s determined to initiate a diabolical mission. With the mistreatment he’d suffered in the system, Zemo is driven to take it down completely. He sees Sentry as his “lucky charm” for achieving this outcome; by making the Thunderbolts their only opposition on Earth, huge ramifications ensue that may be too much for them to handle. Will they have what it takes to save our world.

By the time of this film, Zemo needs to have assembled a villainous team rather than an Avengers one. This gang should be forced by him into completing tasks for his own gain, with death being their only way out if they are victorious. Although it must end in them understanding how to work together as a whole, ultimately the Thunderbolts need to fail against Zemo and Sentry’s mission of conquering Earth; yet all will believe that these two villains have truly won – until another conqueror appears and changes everything!

As Baron Zemo and Sentry come face-to-face with Kang the Conquerer, their actions will be critical in determining whether Earth falls to its powerful enemy. Whether humorous or terrifying, this gripping confrontation could lead either to a new alliance between them – forming an unstoppable force under Kang’s regime – or see Sentry rise as a hero of our universe. Whatever transpires, it is certain that these three characters must unite if we are to succeed against their formidable foe: Kang the Conquerer.

The Thunderbolts could be a decisive ally in the war against this despot reigning over the universe.

Not one, but many antagonists can exist within the Thunderbolts. For them to truly become an effective team, they need to endure a loss against a seemingly unbeatable threat; and even if this results in failure it will teach them invaluable lessons about working together as a unit. With defeat comes opportunity for another villain take charge, leaving the door open for The Kang Dynasty’s reign of power over MCU while also clearly establishing where their future lies.

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