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What is Will Smith’s Net Worth? How Has the Chris Rock Slap Cost Him?

Published on July 29th, 2022 | Updated on July 29th, 2022 | By FanFest

Not only is Will Smith one of the most bankable movie celebrities on the planet; his net worth also recognizes it. His acting is Oscar-worthy, but his efforts to promote his pictures—both through conventional media and social media—are unrivaled.

“When you go into a movie that’s expensive and you’re paying him a certain salary, what makes you feel good is you know that he is going to work just as hard,” Netflix film CEO Scott Stuber said to The Hollywood Reporter. “We can do a lot in the marketing, but there’s no amount of TV spots you could buy that can replicate the authenticity and the passion of the artist saying to the world, ‘I believe in it.’ And that’s what he does really well.”

Smith is one of the most well-paid celebrities in the world, and show business producers typically earn big profits filming him as the face of a film. Smith has also dabbled in producing and gone multi-platinum as a musician, not to mention nurturing his children Willow and Jaden Smith‘s careers, who are both stars in their own right.

Keep reading to learn how Will Smith made his money, from modest origins in West Philadelphia (born and raised!) to the heights of Hollywood, and which of his films earned him the biggest sum of money ever paid out by an actor on a single picture.

How did Will Smith go from obscurity to worldwide fame?

Will Smith rose to prominence as a rapper under the moniker the Fresh Prince, alongside long-time collaborator Jeffrey Townes “DJ Jazzy Jeff” for hits like “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and “Summertime.” He employed his music career’s success in a long-term role—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mr. Smith has a net worth of $350 million.

What is Will Smith’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Smith has an estimated net worth of $350 million in 2022.  After his behavior at the Oscars, where Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage, Smith has now lost countless films and television opportunities, which will greatly affect his future earnings.

How much was Will Smith paid to star in Aladdin?

Smith has made a wish to earn at least $20 million as the Genie in 2019’s Aladdin. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter Smith was paid $12.5 million up front, with the remainder (and then some) coming in the form of back-end points on box office earnings; the live-action adaptation has thus far grossed more than $1 billion worldwide.

How much did Will Smith receive for Men in Black?

For the first Men In Black film, Will Smith reportedly received $5 million. It’s uncertain if that figure includes any of his movie’s earnings.

Smith received a significant raise for Men in Black II: $20 million, plus 10% of the box office receipts.

What was Will Smith’s fee for Independence Day?

Smith has played an alien on film for the first time in Independence Day in 1996. He pocketed $5 million while welcoming aliens to Earth—then blowing them to bits and back into space.

In response to a question regarding his beliefs on aliens, Smith said, “I just think it would be arrogant of us to think that humankind is the only ‘kind’ that exists in the entire universe. How is that possible? But I’m a conspiracy junkie, though, so I believe all that stuff.”

He didn’t reprise the part in Independence Day: Resurgence in 2016 because of scheduling difficulties. Roland Emmerich revealed, “I just wanted to make a movie exactly like the first, but then in the middle of production Will opted out because he wanted to do Suicide Squad.”

For how much was Will Smith paid for I Am Legend?

Smith made $25 million for I Am Legend, which set box office records for a December debut with a $77 million opening weekend—but he said he was unfulfilled.

“I’m excited for 30 seconds, and then my mind drifts and I say to [producing partner James Lassiter], ‘Hey, why do you think we missed 80 [million]?” Smith recalled (via Entertainment Weekly). “He said, ‘What?’ And I said, ‘No, it was 77, do you think if we would have adjusted the ending? Because I wanted the ending to feel more like Gladiator.‘ He’s like, ‘It’s the biggest opening in history, ever. What are you talking about?’ I’m like, ‘J, I get that, I’m just asking why do you think we missed the 80?’ And it’s the only time he ever hung up on me.”

How much did Will Smith earn for Suicide Squad?

Smith was paid $20 million to play Deadshot in the original 2016 Suicide Squad. He wasn’t able to reprise his part in the 2021 reboot owing to scheduling difficulties, although he told GQ that he was satisfied that his character wasn’t killed off so he could potentially return later.

How much was Will Smith paid for Bright?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, For the Netflix picture Bright, Smith received a whopping $27 million. He will reportedly receive a raise for the sequel, although specific amounts haven’t been announced yet. It will be his third collaboration with David Ayer, who previously directed Suicide Squad and the original Bright.

What was Will Smith’s salary for King Richard?

Variety reports that King Richard will pay $40 million for Smith. This huge sum is comprised of his actual income as well as money added upfront to compensate for lower box office earnings and bonuses owing to the film’s simultaneous release in theaters and on HBO Max.

According to Smith, who portrays Venus and Serena Williams’ father, Richard Williams, in the film, it’s a project close to his heart.

“Like the rest of us, I’ve been following their careers for years. There was an interview with Richard and Venus, we depicted it in the film, where he interrupts the interviewer who keeps grilling her about her confidence. And it really struck me. I didn’t totally know what it was at the time, but I just remembered how Venus’ eyes [hid] a little smirk, like she had a lion [on her team] and her lion would kill somebody to protect her,” he said. “There was a certainty and a confidence in her in that protection. And I remember at the time thinking to myself, ‘I want my kids to have that look in their eyes when I show up.’”

Smith continued, “Richard had been villainized and vilified so much in that world but I remember feeling something different was at play. As an actor, I was excited to be able to explore [his] life, motivations, and traumas and to really retell the narrative to transform [it] because the [truth] is really in Venus and Serena’s eyes. They love their father, and you don’t get that look if your father is a villain.”

How much money did Will Smith earn for his role in Pursuit of Happiness?

Smith earned a crazy $71.4 million for The Pursuit of Happyness, that garnered Smith’s second Oscar nomination (his first being Ali).

How much did Will Smith earn for Gemini Man?

In Gemini Man, Smith made $12.5 million for playing himself alongside a younger, digitized version of himself. Smith told Hip Hollywood, “When I saw me and my digital clone it was spectacular. It was actually a little freaky!” Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said, “It’s hard to create a digital human being, that’s what we did—a full digital replacement of Will at 23. He had to work twice as hard on this film.” When asked if Smith got paid twice, Bruckheimer chuckled, “Don’t say that to him, he’ll ask me for more money!”

How much was Will Smith paid for Wild Wild West?

Smith made $7 million for Wild Wild West, but he wishes he hadn’t.

Smith said about Wild Wild West, “I don’t know, Wild Wild West is a thorn in my side. To see myself in chaps… I don’t like it.” He reportedly turned down Keanu Reeves’ iconic role of Neo in The Matrix for the sci-fi western adventure. Still, he accepted it with good humor, noting that both Reeves and Laurence Fishburne were “perfect” in the film.

How much was Will Smith paid to star in Shark Tale?

Smith made $15 million to do voice character work in 2004’s Shark Tale.

How much did Will Smith get paid for Men in Black 3?

Smith reportedly made an astonishing $100 million dollars for returning for Men In Black 3, which is the most money earned by an actor in any film, ever!

Director Barry Sonnenfeld told Vulture that the third film was Will Smith’s idea:

“We were on the set of MIB II, more than a decade ago, and he came up to one night and said, ‘Baz’—he calls me Baz—’Baz, I have an idea for the next one.’ And then he said something would happen to Tommy Lee Jones because of an alien, and he’d have to go back in the past to save Agent K, and in doing this, he and the audience would learn secrets and answers to questions that we never knew we needed to ask,” he recalled. “And my response at the time was, ‘Can we just finish this one first?’ So we both went off and did our own thing, and years later, when Sony decided they wanted to make MIB III, that was one of the ideas that they realized would help reinvigorate the franchise, because you don’t want it to be just a third caper, some other alien threatening New York City in the present yet again.”

Will Smith’s Fresh Prince earnings: how much did he make?

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air began its run in 1990, and Smith made a whopping $2.8 million for the first three seasons. However, he didn’t see a dime of it because to his rap career’s tax debts. He revealed on Inside The Actors Studio in 2002 that the IRS took 70% of his earnings for the first two seasons and that he was only able to get back to zero during the show’s third season. He acknowledged that he had done it just as an effort to pay off the IRS and get back on his feet – but it ended up establishing him as a household name.

How much money does Will Smith make on TikTok?

Will Smith made $21,000 per TikTok post based on the number of his TikTok followers, 21.3 million.With over 63 million followers, the platform has given him a wealth of opportunity to get his message out there. His potential earnings from the platform have undoubtedly soared as well.

What is the career earnings of Will Smith as a musician?

Between 1988 and 1990, Smith earned a nice amount of money (rumored to be about $10 million) from his music career, which is what put him on the map in the first place—but he spent too much of it in the 1990s and ended up bankrupted owing millions in back taxes. As a result, he pivoted to acting, initially with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and subsequently films.

He went back to music after establishing himself as a movie star, releasing number-one hits such as “Men in Black” and “Wild Wild West,” in addition to Big Willie Style album cuts like “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.” (which was his first No. 1 song) 1998’s Big Willie Style‘s was Smith’s biggest album ever, selling over 6 million copies.

Adding this all up, Will Smith has a net worth of $350 million. How well Smith will do in the future will all depend on how much the public is willing to accept his apology and return to his movies.

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