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What Crisis On Infinite Earths Means For the Arrowverse

Published on December 12th, 2018 | Updated on December 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

This year’s CW Arrowverse crossover gave us a lot to get excited about. For starters, we finally got our first look at Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, and she kicked alllllll types of butt. Not only was Gotham City mentioned but also visited as the gang battled the crazies over in Arkham Asylum which was full of Batman easter eggs including Bane’s mask, Scarecrow’s terror serum, and inmates galore. We got a ton of Superman goodies including an impending child, Bruce Wayne was mentioned by name and has been missing for three years, the Barry/Oliver bromance continues much to my delight, and we got to meet the Monitor. The last of which leads to the crossover’s biggest bombshell. I want to say it was around episode two when ‘90s Flash showed up to push my nostalgia button, where the Monitor told our heroes that there was a crisis coming. Now, if you know DC Comics then you know that anytime the word “crisis” is mentioned it’s super important, and Elseworlds did not disappoint as it was revealed in the credits that next year’s crossover will be…

Crisis On Infinite Earths!!!

Just give me a minute to collect myself because I’m geeking out pretty hard over this. For many Crisis On Infinite Earths is the one DC Comics event that holds the most importance to the DC Universe, and I’m hard-pressed to argue with them. Crisis changed DC Comics for a long, long time and the impact of the event is still being felt in the comics that are published today. This thing is massive, and as fun, as Elseworlds was, it seems that it’s playing as more of a prelude to the biggest story in DC history.

Which raises the question, what does this mean for the Arrowverse?

When you think about it, this is not the first time Crisis On Infinite Earths has been alluded to. From the start of The Flash, we’ve read a certain byline concerning a red sky and Barry’s disappearance (*cough* Crisis *cough*). On Supergirl we’ve had flashes of something that could possibly happen to Kara (*cough* Crisis *cough*). With the announcement, it seems that the Arrowverse is ready to actually tackle these events head-on which could completely change the landscape of the Arrowverse as we know it.

Not getting to heavy into spoilers, but the events of Crisis have major ramifications on Barry Allen and Kara Danvers respectfully. The one main character not to have a major role in Crisis just so happens to be Oliver Queen. In the Elseworld finale it appeared that Oliver struck a deal for the lives of the Flash and Supergirl, but what deal was that? Is it out of the realm of possibility to believe that Crisis On Infinite Earths will shake up the Arrowverse by… killing the Green Arrow?!

The CW

Hear me out, we are now in the seventh season of Arrow and if we’re being honest with ourselves, what else is there for Oliver to do? Seriously. Each season is him fighting a big bad and the stakes either being extremely world saving high or a little more Star City related. Oliver’s journey has been up and down and after the Prometheus season, we’re left with a hero who doesn’t really think he’s a hero at all. Hell, the entire world knows Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow at this point. How much longer can he operate like this? This is a man who strives to be what Barry and Kara are naturally, his words, and wouldn’t the most likely transition be a heroic death? A moment where Oliver Queen can finally see his worth and go out with a sense of peace and accomplishment? It would be a poetic ending to a character who has suffered so much, sometimes at his own expense.

Can the Arrowverse survive without the Arrow? Of course, it can. This latest season has already introduced a new Green Arrow, comic fans know what’s up here, and a flash-forward system with a much older William Queen. The show can continue without Oliver and his sacrifice can be the legacy he leaves behind. Something the character has strived for ever since he put on the hood. Of course, you can always replace Arrow with the new Batwoman series and let Oliver’s sacrifice be the end of the series and have his legacy carry on throughout the Arrowverse. Maybe?

This would mean that Oliver’s deal would trade one life for two and that math never adds up. I think Oliver’s possible sacrifice definitely saved Barry and Kara from Elseworlds but I seriously doubt the two can walk away from Crisis Scott free. The red sky event was one of the first easter eggs introduced in The Flash tv series and I find it hard to believe that there won’t be a payoff for that. Perhaps Barry gets written out of the show for awhile making room for a new speedster to take the spotlight. There is a slew of speedsters to choose from but I’ve got a hunch that Wally West could be the right fit. Barry doesn’t have to be gone forever, but I would like to see the show explore this possible storyline longer than Flashpoint which was bottled up to one episode. One.

Kara’s fate can be up in the air as well, and same thing, she doesn’t have to be gone forever but there is another Kryptonian hanging around that can take the reins while she’s gone. Maybe we can deal with his trials as a father? I’d watch that as it would be something Superman tv shows haven’t really explored.

The CW

Crisis On Infinite Earths is a massive event that encompasses the entire DC Universe. While I fully believe the event will include shows like Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning, I also wouldn’t close the door on it opening the door to new and familiar territory. Elseworlds gave us a glimpse of ‘90s Flash and Smallville and it would make sense to see those shows incorporated into the event. On top of that, I know Bruce Wayne is missing but I’ll be curious to see if Crisis goes down without a Batman sighting. He holds a great deal of importance to the events, especially when concerning Barry (something seen briefly in Batman vs Superman but for further proofread the comic!). But I’d be willing to bet that Crisis kind of resets the board. Perhaps we finally get a Green Lantern show with Diggle in the role of Jon Stewart, something heavily alluded to in Elseworlds and something the internet has been practically begging for. Or maybe we form a Justice League in the Arrowverse?! How amazing would that be?!

I just hope that the event is given the time to breathe. I would hate to see something this massive rushed through three or four episodes. I’d love if the first half of all the shows next year focused on the upcoming Crisis and having the event itself serve as mid-season finales with a new feel for the New Year. No matter how you shake it, the Arrowverse is about to embark on something special and as a comic fan excited isn’t the right word.

What do you think Geeklings, are you pumped for Crisis On Infinite Earths? What do you think this means for the Arrowverse? Do you agree with my theory or have one of your own? Sound off in the comments or if you want to talk Elseworlds, Crisis, or theories you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. We got a year to start breaking things down and what better time than the present! Huge things are in the works and it’s an exciting time to be a fan of the Arrowverse!



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