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WATCH: New Trailer for ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

The second official trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet is here! In previous promotional material, we have learned that in the movie, Ralph and his companion, Vanellope, who travel to different virtual places within an arcade, are headed to the internet. On the internet, the duo encounters stormtroopers, Disney Princesses, and many other Disney-related characters. Check out the most recent trailer below!

The trailer starts off with Vanellope participating in a race when her game gets corrupted. After that, she and Ralph take off into the internet. In addition to the events of that intro, we see Gal Gadot’s character, Shank, a fellow racer who demonstrates deep chemistry between her and Vanellope in the midst of this trailer. After Vanellope explains to Shank that she wants to stay on the internet but is reluctant to tell Ralph, Shank delivers a line that shows how much Disney movies like this can demonstrate important life themes that everyone will experience.

“There’s no law saying best friends have to have the same dreams.”

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 will be released in theaters on November 21.