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WATCH: New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Teaser Shows Luke Skywalker’s Return to the Millennium Falcon

With just a little over a month left. until Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters, a brand new teaser trailer dropped on Wednesday night during game 7 of the MLB World Series.

While the teaser doesn’t really give us a new look at the film, it sure tugs at those sentimental heart-strings.  The opening scene of the teaser shows Luke Skywalker, who has been living in exile for who knows how long, stepping back onto the ship which carried him, Han Solo, Chewie and the rest of the crew into that galaxy far, far away all those years ago – the Millennium Falcon.  Skywalker’s expression says it all as he watching the control panels aboard the ship light up.  His look is bewildered, somber and maybe even with a touch of mourning over the loss of his once companion, Han Solo.

Even though we’ve seen many of these same scenes in the previous trailers before, this short 55-second teaser still gets us pumped for what’s to come in this highly anticipated film.

Check out the teaser below:

In addition to Skywalker’s return, the internet is buzzing over that final scene in the trailer.  In the last seconds of the teaser, we see Skywalker on the ground in the rain saying, “This is not going to go the way you think,” just as the scene cuts to a shot of Rey, also standing in the rain, with a lightsaber in hand.  She seems to be preparing for battle but, against who?  Could she be fighting against Luke Skywalker?  Could one of them be heading towards the dark side?

Luckily, we have just a few more weeks and all these questions will be answered.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi will arrive in theaters on December 15th, 2017.  Are you ready?


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