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Tumblr Wanted to Know if Tom Holland Was Hiding a Frog in His Mouth so He Answered Them

In another chapter of the amazing world of Tumblr, Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Tom Holland has found himself at the center of the latest meme going around.

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Tumblr users @opossume  and @fruitmeats recently shared this hilarious yet somewhat accurate observation about Holland’s classic go-to pose:

So naturally, the internet took it and ran with it.


What they probably weren’t expecting though was for Spider-Man himself to get in on the fun. Holland took to his official Instagram account to set the record straight about the viral meme.

So, now that this mystery is solved we can all enjoy the rest of his career remembering this magical time when Tom Holland had a Frog named Dave* living in his mouth.

*Name given to the Frog by Tumblr users.