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Trailer for ‘Itsy Bitsy’ is Anything but a Childhood Nursery Rhyme

The itsy bitsy spider…. came out to creep out Jules…and everyone else…

Fear spins its web in this new horror film. We all are quite familiar with the infamous nursery rhyme of the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’. As a child, we found great humor in the rhyme as we learned about the adventures this tiny spider took going up and down the water spout. Leave it to Hollywood to take an adorable song and turn it into something creepy and crazy.

Itsy Bitsy is a 2018 American horror film directed by Micah Gallo from a screenplay co-written with Jason Alvino and Bryan Dick. The film stars Elizabeth Roberts, Bruce Davison and Denise Crosby.

Itsy Bitsy Filmmakers launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the final funds to ‘finish visual effects, sound and music’.  They by far surpassed their goal of $40,000.

The official YouTube Page for the film recently uploaded the trailer along with the following caption in regards to a summary:

A story tangled up in a web of family drama, personal demons, and a horrifying monster. Our story is about an at-home nurse, Kara, who moves out to the country with her two children, 13-year-old Jesse and 8-year-old Cambria, to live with and take care of an elderly man with multiple sclerosis. Things seem normal enough until Jesse discovers a mysterious old relic in the old man’s house, leading to unexpected and horrifying things coming to life. Itsy Bitsy is an old-school creature film with a terrifying giant spider at the center, but the movie isn’t just about arachnid horror. Kara will have to deal with her internal and familial struggles while saving everyone from becoming spider food. It’s as much a story about people and family as it is about an eight-legged monster. Mixing character drama with chilling scares, Itsy Bitsy is a movie you’ll be haunted by for years to come.


Check out the horrifying trailer below. But be warned. If you’ve got arachnophobia… beware… :


While there is no confirmed release date as of yet, we are definitely going to be checking this one out. Perhaps the ending scene will be all of the spiders getting washed down a water spout – at least we hope.


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