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Tom Hanks Discusses Warning From ‘Mr Rogers’ Pittsburgh Fan

Tom Hanks visited Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. Tom talks about having a beard, Jeopardy contestants not knowing who he is, and shooting A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in New Mexico.

Most importantly, Tom discussed some of the interesting things he learned about Mister Rogers while playing him, and the power of putting on the red sweater.  Interestingly, he learned how serious the city of Pittsburgh takes Mr. Roger’s legacy. Of course, Pittsburgh is the home of Fred Rogers and it’s a fact that they take great pride in this.

While there, Tom got onto an elevator with another man and the two had a brief conversation.  The man proceeded to exit the elevator  and as the elevator door was closing, Hanks said the man “turned and looked at me and said, ‘We take Mr. Rogers very seriously here in Pittsburgh.’”

Was this a veiled threat or warning to not screw it up? Who really knows but it obviously impacted Tom!

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