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Tim Burton’s Exhibit is Coming to Las Vegas!

Last time I wrote about the exhibit I had the pleasure of taking you through Tim Burton’s world. I brought you Around The World, where you could see his art wasn’t limited to the medium he used to draw on, Unrealized Projects, like drawings he had to draw with his time at Disney that they never used. All that and more will be available to see in Las Vegas’ Neon Museum!

Tim Burton’s Exhibit is Coming to Las Vegas!
The World of Tim Burton @C-Mine Genk – Belgium CR: Selma Gurbuz

From what we can tell, the exhibit will include some new pieces, just like the exclusives that Burton’s and Jenny He‘s curator team will set up at multiple locations, including the outdoor boneyard space they have at the Boneyard Park across from the visitor’s center. Tim Burton wants to work closely with the museum to show its love for the Neon Museum and a representation of his creative history. I’m guessing they’ll be thinking a little more outside of the box for it!

“To say we’re flattered that Mr. Burton has chosen our museum for this exhibition would be an understatement.” – Rob McCoy, president, and chief executive officer of the Neon Museum.

Tim Burton‘s exhibit already brought attention to the Neon Museum in his film Mars Attacks! Bringing his exhibition there will be an excellent fit for him and his art, to show it innovatively. His exhibit has brought millions of people in the world to see his work on the walls, new installments that were made specifically for every exhibition.

The exhibit will be open to visitors from October 2019 until February 2020.

Are you going to go to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas to see Tim Burton‘s work? Let us know in the comment below.