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Throwback Thursday: The ‘Nintendo 64’ Game Era

Hey everyone, it’s time for another Throwback Thursday! So one of my favorite memories as a child was waking up on Saturday mornings, with no school. Why is that? Well, because my brother and
I would totally and completely nerd out on our Nintendo 64 and play a ridiculous amount of games. Starfox, Golden Eye, Super
Smash Brothers,
and Donkey Kong were just a few of the names of the multiple games we played. I used to always annoy my brother because all I would do in Super Smash Bros. was continuously play as Pikachu, and shock him with Thunder until he flew off the ledge. (Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I still do that today…)

The Nintendo 64 (N64) was named for its 64-bit central processing unit. The system was introduced to the United States in 1996. Instead of having a disk like today’s video game systems, cartridge’s were used. It was so simple! If your game froze up or your screen went blue, all you had to do was pull out the cartridge, blow into it, and off you go again! We didn’t have to worry about the disc scratching or cracking. Those cartridge’s were pretty much indestructible. Believe me, I know! With well over 300 games released, the system had much to offer for all age groups.

Unfortunately the system ‘retired’ in late 2003. You can still buy the system at retro game stores though if you happen to be looking for one.

I know video games today are so beautifully sketched and illustrated so that they look like movies, but I will always have a nostalgic feeling for that pixel look. I actually still have my Nintendo 64, and every now and then nothing gives me more delight than turning it on and jumping back into that nostalgic world of imagination. The
way I view it, you are never too old to play classic video games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

What was your favorite Nintendo 64 game? Or do you still play yours?


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