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Throwback Thursday: Mayim Bialik Reunites with ‘Blossom’ Co-star Michael Stoyanov

Today, Mayim Bialik plays the brainy, neurobiologist (and Sheldon Cooper’s girlfriend), Amy Farrah Fowler on the massively popular CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory.  Way before she became a staple on the science-centric series, however, she was an awkward and quirky teenager living with her father, two brothers and hanging out every day with her best friend Six on the NBC series Blossom.

The pilot for Blossom premiered on January 3, 1991, and ran until May 22, 1995. The series follows the life of Blossom Russo (played by Bialik), her father Nick Russo (played by Ted Wass) her older brother Tony who was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict turned successful paramedic (played by Michael Stoyanov) and her middle brother and typical 90’s comedic goofball Joey (played by Joey Lawrence).

Blossom’s, along with her family and her best friend Six (played by Jenna von Oy), tackled every day problems that any teenage girl would have to face including life lessons about abuse, alcohol, drugs, divorce, and many more.

Bialik’s character, Blossom, actually became a pretty big fashion icon for young girls in the 90’s, specifically because of the hats they character would wear in the opening title sequence.  Full disclosure, I had a “Blossom hat” and I loved it and I wish they would bring them back!

On Wednesday, Bialik gave us a heaping dose of the nostalgic feels when she posted a photo on Instagram of her and her former television big brother Tony played by Stoyanov.  The photo caption reads, “He looks more like me than I do. Yes. He played my older brother on #blossom. He is helping unzip my dress outside of a dive bar in the village. I love him. @mikestoyanov we are still so much fun after all these years!!!”

Check out the Instagram pic below:

We ALWAYS love to see that our favorite childhood stars are still hanging out together and love each other, even after all these years. For some extra nostalgia, check out the Blossom theme song, from back in the day, below.

Did you have a Blossom floppy hat?  Do you remember watching the series?  Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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