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Three Reasons You Should Pick Up ‘Concrete Genie’ Next Week

Hey everyone! I cannot believe we are only a week away from yet another great PlayStation exclusive! Concrete Genie will be out a week from this writing and I want to tell you why you should pick up a copy when it releases.

The Message Behind The Pixels

PixelOpus is a small studio, but they don’t have small ambitions with this title. You play Ash, a kid who is bullied but still wants to do his part in reviving the gloomy town of Denska. He does so by using his skill in painting, even though bullies beset him at seemingly every turn. While we don’t have the full picture yet, it certainly feels like PixelOpus will touch on some subjects that our world deals with today. We can all in the middle of our darkness find a way to be a light.

concrete Genie
Ash running from bullies in Concrete Genie (Photo credit to PixelOpus and PlayStation)

Not One, But Two VR Modes

I am an early adopter of PSVR. I love all things PlayStation, so that’s just what I do. So when I found out Concrete Genie would have PSVR capabilities I was excited. I’m even more thrilled with the knowledge we get two different VR modes to experience this game in. The first, following a little genie and using paint to unlock what PS Blog calls a “mysterious power” beneath the lighthouse in Denska. The second is something I’ve wanted on PSVR, a painting “simulator”. In it you can go to any of four different locations and paint to your heart’s content! For only $29.99, Concrete Genie is shaping up to be an absolute steal.

(Do note, you’ll need a set of PS Motion Controllers when using Concrete Genie in VR)

concrete Genie
I mean, just looks at how pretty this is! (Photo credit to PixelOpus and PlayStation)

This Game Is Just Beautiful

Lastly and definitely not least, just how beautiful the game is. The dark alleyways changing to glowing walls as you apply paint. The genies who walk about showing you what to paint next. The almost claymation style character of Ash running around bringing life back into a shadowy Denska. It’s just magical. I can easily see why this walked away with the Best Family Game award at GamesCom. I can also see this becoming a favorite of anyone who picks it up.  Underrated anyone?

concrete Genie
And I can pet a cat?! SOLD. (Photo credit to PixelOpus and PlayStation)

As you can tell, I cannot wait to play Concrete Genie. The game releases next week, October 8th, 2019. It will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4. Go and pre-order your copy now so you’ll be ready to paint the town… Well, paint it whatever color you like!

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