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‘This Is Us’ Releases Emotional Highlight Reel

Grab your Kleenex, your softest blanket, and print off that Milo Ventimiglia approved work/school excuse because This Is Us just released a highlight reel of some of the most tear jerking moments of season 1.

We aren’t sure who they were trying to kid because, honestly, every moment is a tear jerker but they did pick some pretty emotionally charged ones and we have to admit, we pretty much had tears in our eyes for all 100 seconds.

For us, some of the most emotional moments so far have most certainly been that lemonade speech from Doctor K and the kitchen scene where Jack calls Rebecca his big break. There’s the moment where William tells Randall he was with him for the best days in his life and the moment where Kate cried hugging Randall after William’s passing saying she was so sorry he had to go through that twice.

Then, the reel just showed happiness between a family that was unaware of what was coming next. Seeing that sort of hope in them, all bright eyed and believing in love with the knowledge that life deals them some pretty impossible cards was hard to watch as well.

You can see the highlight reel in its entirety here, and like we said, we don’t recommend watching it when you’ve got your make up done and you’re in public attempting to be a fully functional adult.

'This Is Us' Releases Emotional Highlight Reel