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This “Chris Evans Doing Things” Twitter Account is a Must-Follow

We are truly blessed to not only be living during this iconic phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also to have such amazing actors and actresses playing the beloved heroes on the big screen. One of which is Chris Evans who has been embodying his role of Steve Rogers/Captain America both perfectly on screen and off. I mean, everyone loves Chris Evans.

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So, today while perusing social media I came across a photo of Chris Evans having to stand on his tiptoes in order to hug Chris Hemsworth, which led me to a relatively new Twitter account I instantly became obsessed with called Chris Evans doing thingsThe page first hit the site last month so there are only about 10 posts, but if those 10 posts are any indication about what’s to come, we are in for a real treat. Let’s look at the facts, shall we?











The account, which is deemed “the best Chris activities”, is run by and all I have to say is bravo! Chris Evans has been making quite the hilarious splash on Twitter as of late. Last month when someone dubbed Billy Eichner’s “let’s go lesbians” over a scene from Civil War, Evans was there with the witty response.

He served Chris Pratt an epic birthday burn.

And when Leslie Jones was live-tweeting Infinity War earlier this month, he chimed in after she gave him a “Dayum!! Captain America!” shout-out.

So, long story short you should a) be following Chris Evans on Twitter and b) go follow Chris Evans Doing Things.

You can catch Chris Evans reprising his role as Captain America in the upcoming Avengers 4, which hits theaters next year!