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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Austin Amelio: “Dwight is alive.”

The Walking Dead is most likely not done with the character of Dwight, who was exiled by Daryl last season.

Dwight actor Austin Amelio attended Walker Stalker New Jersey at the Raritan Center on December 8th and 9th, where he joined Jayson Warner Smith (Gavin) on a panel in front of a sea of fans.

He was asked several times about where Dwight is, after Daryl (Norman Reedus) drops him off in the woods and tells him to go look for his wife Sherry. After Dwight did multiple things to anger Daryl.

Like this.

'The Walking Dead's' Austin Amelio: "Dwight is alive."

And this.


'The Walking Dead's' Austin Amelio: "Dwight is alive."
Gene Page/AMC

Now that the show has jumped 6 years into the future, Dwight could be anywhere.

“He’s alive. That’s all I can say. He’s alive. He’s alive in the world somewhere.”

So it’s true. Dwight perhaps, found Sherry. Amelio went into further detail after another fan asked how he would want to see Dwight return.

“There’s so many different ways you can go with him. There’s the comic book, there’s Sherry’s story, there’s me being with the Alexandrians. I have no idea. I have full faith in the writers. They do an awesome job, so I’m sure they’d bring me back in an incredible way.”

He could appear back on The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, or even become part of the upcoming Walking Dead movies. Amelio was later asked what he takes with  him from the show, which lead to an interesting interaction between the two.

Daryl tells him before setting him free, that if he ever sees Dwight again, he’ll kill him. So there’s always the chance that Dwight pops up, we cheer, and then Daryl kills him immediately.

What did I take from the show? Probably just the work ethic of Andrew Lincoln. I think it feels like it sort of sinks into everybody and the way he manages a set and what he brings to it – I hope to take that away and take that into everything else that I do whenever I’m done with the show.” Amelio says.

The fan grabs the mic and questions, “Whenever, you’re done with the show?”

Whenever. I’m done with the show. Yes. Nice try.

Amelio snaps back with a smirk.

How would you want to see Dwight come back to The Walking Dead universe? Do you think he found Sherry?

The Walking Dead will return for the second half of season 9 on February 10th, 2019.