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‘The Walking Dead’: What Former Character Could Return As A Whisperer?

Published on December 9th, 2019 | Updated on December 9th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead has had its share of notable deaths and disappearances, but nothing would be more shocking than to see some of those departed show up as a Whisperer.


In fact, we know that Alpha (Samantha Morton) had at least one spy in Dante who infiltrated the Alexandria community and killed several people, including Siddiq (Avi Nash).  There’s potentially even a second spy in Oceanside, according to a theory.  However, what if someone within the Whisperers has already given Alpha the information she needed to make these spies happen and cause even more chaos?  What if a character we haven’t seen in some time will be revealed to be a Whisperer?

We’ll go from the most to the least likely culprits.  Here’s the list of potential suspects:

HEATH (Corey Hawkins)


Heath was a resident and a supply runner of Alexandria. During a supply run with Tara, the two get separated and Heath is taken by the Scavengers, who trade him to the “Helicopter Group” for supplies. His current status and whereabouts are unknown. Is it possible he made it out and only to join the Whisperers? Or, will we see him in the Rick Grimes films?






Steven Edwards is a doctor from Grady Memorial Hospital. He was last seen in Grady Memorial Hospital when given the choice to remain or leave with Rick’s group.  He decided to stay at the hospital.  He could potentially have a problem with Rick’s group, given that he stayed behind.  Plus, we’ve already seen one doctor, Dante, team up with Alpha. Why not Dr. Edwards too?




BEATRICE (Brianna Venskus)


Beatrice was a member of Oceanside and very resistant of teaming up with the other communities. Following the six year time jump, Beatrice has not been seen in Oceanside, suggesting she either left the community or died due to unknown causes. It’s possible that out of disagreement, she left and joined the Whisperers.  She could be the reason with there is potentially a second spy in Oceanside.




EDUARDO (Peter Zimmerman)


Eduardo is a resident of the Hilltop community.  We believe he is alive but its possible that he has gone on with Maggie or may just be somewhere hanging out at Hilltop still.  However, what if he had a disagreement and left the community and is now a Whisperer?




AMBER (Autumn Dial)


Amber is the girlfriend of Mark and one of Negan’s former “wives” in the Savior community.  Her whereabouts are unknown but she was alive at the time of the time jump. Could she have fallen under the influence of Alpha?






SHERRY (Christine Evangelista)


Sherry is the ex-wife of Dwight and older sister of Tina. She was a member of the Saviors and one of Negan’s “wives”, before escaping from the Sanctuary. Sherry then began a journey across the country.  Dwight then went on to look for here. Did Dwight just go too far and did Sherry just get comfortable with Alpha?






Little is known about Nelly’s life except that she was one of Hershel’s horses. Hershel used her to work on his farm and help with manual labor. She worked well, but when she got spooked, she took off running.  Has Nelly now infiltrated Alexandria on behalf of Alpha and the Whisperers?


We’re totally going with Nelly.  Go back an watch Season 10 of The Walking Dead and there are at least a couple of horses that look similar. Kidding!

We’re going with Beatrice!  Beatrice seems like the most likely suspect to return as a Whisperer, given her distrust of the other communities.

Who do you think may show up as a Whisperer in Season 10?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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