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‘The Walking Dead’: VIDEO: Every Season 9 Character Death – Do You Remember Them All?

Published on December 15th, 2019 | Updated on December 16th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead isn’t short on character deaths over the years and Season 9 of the zombie-drama was not any different. But do remember every death from one of the bloodiest seasons ever?  Let’s go through the list and then watch a video compilation of them all!

Kenneth Sutton (AJ Achinger)

What? You don’t remember Kenneth? Neither do we! In fact, we just remember the kid who thought it was a good idea to go save some horses instead of himself!

Gregory (Xander Berkley)

Hung by Maggie for trying to regain the leadership position at Hilltop, Gregory was such an a-hole that not even Negan liked him.  And that’s saying a lot.

Justin (Zach McGowan)

Homie couldn’t just get along and help build a bridge.  He had to cause trouble and look where that led him.  Womp womp!

Arat (Elizabeth Ludlow)

Oceanside never forgets and they didn’t forget Arat’s words and lack of mercy.  Arat met kharma.

More background characters – let’s not waste your time with them, because the next one is important:

Jesus (Tom Payne)

Possibly the most significant death of the first half of Season Nine belongs to Jesus. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get that the characters believe that Rick is dead.  However, we know he’s not so he doesn’t make the list.  Jesus’s death was impactful, the first major kill by the Whisperers, and honestly, a waste because Jesus was awesome.  In fact, we finally get comic book Jesus in these final moments, flying around kicking and punching, and then BOOM! He’s gone.

We’re going to label this one as: Alpha just kills a bunch of people around her.  That’s because that’s exactly what happens with the next half-dozen kills.  Alpha isn’t a nice person.

Jocelyn (Rutina Wesley) and Some Kids

Jocelyn was Michonne’s old friend and it looked for a happy reunion.  That as all butterflies and rainbows until we learn that Jocelyn likes to steal children.  That just made Michonne angry.  Now Jocelyn is dead. And, so are Jocelyn’s kids who decided they wanted to kill people too.  It was a brutal moment in Walking Dead history.

Hilde and Miles (Caroline Duncan and Brian Sheppard)

We thought we were getting a love story. Instead, we got a couple of dead Hilltoppers and Alpha got a new blonde scalp for a wig and a Whisperer got Mile’s face for a mask.  Pretty gross.

Ozzy and Alek (Angus Sampson and Jason Kirkpatrick)

The Highwaymen.  We love that band.  But they were also a band of brothers on The Walking Dead and as wonderful and helpful as they were, they were also the first of several heads on Alpha’s pikes.

D.J. and Frankie (Matt Mangum and Elyse DuFour)

Both from the Savior’s camp, both appeared to have become trusted friends of the communities.  D.J. especially appeared to become a trusted ally, as he was seen on multiple excursions to help the communities.  Gone too soon! Their heads ended up on pikes as well.

Rodney and Addy (Joe Hirsh and Kelley Mack)

These were Henry’s friends and they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and become another one of the border warnings.  Too young!

Tammy Rose (Brett Butler)

Tammy had it rough while on The Walking Dead.  Her character appeared to suffer heartbreak after heartbreak.  She ended up on the pikes too.

Enid (Katelyn Nacon)

Enid’s story was one of survival.  She made it on her own as a young girl and then eventually found love and happiness at Hilltop.  However, she became another victim of Alpha’s border warning and ended up with her head on a pike.

Tara (Alanna Masterson)

One of the longest tenured characters on the show, Tara’s ending was a surprising one.  Her character always brought a bit of levity and humor to the show.  Tara’s death is certainly surprising, as it didn’t feel timely or appropriate.  It also didn’t quite feel that it served any purpose to the story line.

Henry (Matt Lintz)

Henry’s death would turn out to be the most significant death of Season 9, as it propels the story line of Season 10 and Carol’s (Melissa McBride) desire to seek revenge against Alpha.
Which character death was the most impactful for you?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Walking Dead returns with new episodes on February 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern.



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